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Creating connections


Massive Media began connecting people in 1999. The company set up a chat platform, pioneered by Toon Coppens, that was named ASL.to. The term ASL stands for age, sex and location. It is a typical greeting used by those who visit chat rooms.

By 2001, the platform was so successful that the creator decided to go into business with Lorenz Bogaert in order to expand further. The social media site was first released in Flanders, then everywhere in the Netherlands and was followed by the main languages in Europe (French, English, Spanish, Italian, German).

“In 2007, all versions were merged and given the new name Netlog,” says Joost Roelandts, CEO. The platform provided services similar to Facebook and offered 42 different language choices for its users.

In 2010, Massive Media wanted to add more products to its existing portfolio. The company developed a gaming and communication platform along the lines of Twitter. The business noticed that users who continued to enjoy Netlog also wanted to meet new people in a simple and pleasant way. To facilitate those meetings, the company decided to launch Twoo (www.twoo.com) in 2011.

Twoo quickly became the flagship product of the company and remains very popular because users determine what the site is used for. Massive Media originally designed the site for people to start friendships, but users quickly changed this model and turned the site into a place to meet romantic partners.

“In Belgium and the rest of Europe, we see that most users visit the site in order to find people they would like to date,” adds Mr. Roelandts. “However, in Asia, the site is still also used a lot as a way to cultivate new friendships rather than romantic relationships.”

Due to the success of Twoo and its other projects, Massive Media was purchased by Match.com Europe Limited, which is a part of the larger IAC/InterActiveCorp Group (IACI). Other platforms within the group include match.com, plentyoffish.com, meetic.com and the best known online dating app, Tinder.

Similar to Tinder, Twoo is a multi-step platform. Like Tinder’s ‘discover’ feature, which allows users to see other users close by, Twoo has a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ indicator.

By analyzing its use, the platform recognizes which users would be interested in one another. There is also a search feature that lets users select age limits, regions, personal habits (like smoking/non-smoking), hobbies and more. The person then creates a profile that lists answers to basic questions. But users can also answer more personal questions.

“These may be questions about the person’s personal philosophy or a meaningful experience in their life,” explains Mr. Roelandts. The person can upload a picture as well, and soon it will be possible to add videos to their profiles. Twoo is extremely successful because Massive Media Match is very focused on giving users a pleasant experience.

The company really cracks down on false profiles and online abuse. “We want our users to feel comfortable, but also not overly restricted,” says Mr. Roelandts. “We give them security while also keeping the site playful and fun.”

Twoo and the other platforms maintained by Massive Media Match continue to function smoothly due to user input, as well as employees who care and are passionate about their work. The company’s team is always looking for new ways to develop projects even further. This passion and drive is enhanced by the business and its outstanding care for its employees.

“We offer free Nespresso, free lunches on Tuesdays, fresh fruit every day, team events, a monthly happy hour, an annual team event, medical benefits, laptops, phones and more,” says Mr. Roelandts. Employees are also encouraged to work independently as well as together. The company understands that creative individuals need their own space to create, achieve and get inspiration. Team members are family and are treated as such.

Future plans for Massive Media Match involve changing its business model, which is currently halfway completed. This change is bringing more users to the platform along with increased satisfaction and trust. “We listen to our users and adjust quickly,” concludes Mr. Roelandts. “We give them the online experience they deserve.”

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