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A partner for life


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Matulka electronic was founded almost 50 years ago, in 1970, as Habelt Elektronik and originally focussed on the distribution of television and radio sets. “Already back then, electronic devices for industrial use were produced in the backroom,” says Thomas Hennig, Head of Sales and Marketing at Matulka electronic. This industrial part was later taken over by Schunk Group, with Karl Matulka as Managing Director.

“When Schunk wanted to sell up, Mr. Matulka together with Michael Matulka seized the opportunity and founded the company as it is named today,” Mr. Hennig adds. Since then, the company has moved onward and upward: “We were ISO-certified in 1998,” states Mr. Hennig. “In 2000, we moved to our location in Nördlingen, which was then extended only four years later.”

Today, Matulka electronic turns over about 18 million EUR per year and employs around 120 members of staff. “Things are very good at the moment,” admits Mr. Hennig. “We work in a triple shift system and have taken on ten new staff just last month.”

Mr. Hennig, who was originally a banker, has been with the company since 2008 and appreciates the personal and close-knit atmosphere at Matulka. “This really is a family business where employees are valued as people and not seen as just numbers, and they value their jobs.”

Michael Matulka, now General Manager and sole owner of Matulka, places great emphasis on continuity and a positive climate, and customers praise Matulka electronic for precisely these qualities as well as its lean and thus flexible structure.

“Our core competence is the assembly and manufacture of electronic devices,” explains Mr. Hennig “Included in that is the sourcing and storage of the necessary materials.”

Matulka is capable of providing all common soldering methods and offers all device sizes common to the market. “We also cover the entire segment of testing for components and fully assembled devices,” emphasizes Mr. Hennig. Furthermore, Matulka installs the assembled devices into the terminal, for example medical devices for operating theaters, fingerprint scanners or climate control units. “Many of our customers are producers of top quality products where the Made in Germany seal is still of great value.”

Concerning batch sizes, Matulka electronic is very felxible: “We will produce in any given output size, from five to 100,000 or 200,000 items per week,” confirms Mr. Hennig. What is important is the quality of its relationships with its customers. “We never really look for customers but rather partners. Usually, once a customer has put in an order once, they stick with us for life.”

Many of Matulka’s customers are from within a 150 km radius of their south German hometown of Nördlingen, but the company also export to Ireland, the UK and US as well as China and various European countries, partly through its German customers. For the future, the company plans moderate growth while always putting its staff’s welfare and customers’ needs first.