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MAVALA, taking care first


MAVALA is more than a manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics and makeup products. The Swiss family firm with a rich tradition of more than 50 years in formulation and production has a “philosophy dedicated to care and beauty”.

The company, which owes its name to the initials of the name of its founder, was established by Madeleine van Landeghem in 1958. “Madeleine van Landeghem was born in Belgium but lived in Switzerland,” explains Marketing Director Solange Momo. “Like many cosmeticians at that time, she developed her unique care product. In 1958, Mrs. van Landeghem introduced a revolutionary nail hardener which penetrates the three layers of the nail plate to bond them together. This nail hardener has been copied many times but has never been equalled. It is still one of our bestselling products today.”

In 1969, MAVALA opened its first professional manicure school in London. Other international operations followed. Today, there are sales subsidiaries in the UK and France. In France, MAVALA works together closely with 30 cosmetic schools which use the company’s products and follow its methods.

“The schools are independent, but we are responsible for training and all examinations,” states Ms. Momo. MAVALA has exclusive distributors selling the company’s products in more than 100 countries worldwide. While having a strong international orientation, MAVALA is deeply rooted in Switzerland as regards product development and manufacturing. “All our products are formulated and produced in Geneva to guarantee the highest standards of quality and efficacy,” says Ms. Momo.

MAVALA offers a broad selection of first-class, high-performing care and beauty products for nails, hands, face, eyes, feet, hair and body. The nail range covers all nail problems and is the most extensive brand in the nail care market today.

MAVALA is particularly known for its Minis: nail polish in small 5 ml bottles developed back in 1962 in response to requests from cosmeticians and shops for testers. Building on the brilliant idea of small size, MAVALA decided to market its Minis to offer a variety of different colours at an affordable price.

Since 1986, MAVALA hand care has offered a specific range of products for daily use based on active ingredients which had never been used before in hand treatment. The skin care range, launched in 2001, is based on the blending of science and nature and has a wide range of products to prepare the skin with cleansing products, protect it against daily agressions and prevent it by maintaining its maximum moisture level. The eye care range comprises specially developed products for long lashes and perfect eye contours.

A best-seller, especially in Asia, is MAVALA Double-Lash, a nutritive treatment rich in vitamins and proteins that is ideal for longer, thicker, fuller lashes. The extensive care and beauty portfolio is rounded off by an extensive choice of high-quality foot, hair and body care products.

“Over the years, we have extended our product range substantially,” states Ms. Momo. “With every new product we introduce, the care aspect enjoys top priority. Beauty always follows care. This is why all our makeup products are beauty and care products at the same time.”

MAVALA Switzerland generates more than 80% of its sales abroad using selected distribution channels including pharmacies, perfumeries and large department stores. “Our products are not inexpensive but are made according to the highest Swiss quality standards,” explains Ms. Momo.

The international success of MAVALA is based first and foremost on the company’s strong focus on care. “We do not make any promises we cannot keep,” says Ms. Momo. Based on this philosophy, MAVALA is determined to further strengthen its international position. “We are not only a specialist and market leader in nail care,” states Ms. Momo. “We are a global cosmetic group with a broad selection of care-oriented beauty products.”

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