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Smart spraying specialists


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Embracing new technologies can at times be challenging; however, they open up new opportunities as they enable farmers to be more precise and efficient and to improve productivity. “We are currently facing many new challenges,” says Klaus Krämer. “It is very inspiring and we try hard to keep up with this pace. Spraying technologies will become more and more sophisticated and more specialized. In the future, crop spraying will be supported by satellites. Furthermore, there is a trend towards self-propelled machines. We carefully observe and analyse those market trends and are flexible in adapting to them.”

Mazzotti has focused on innovative machinery right from the beginning. The company was founded in 1948 and first concentrated on front loaders. In 1965, it started shifting its focus towards excavators. In 1985, the founder’s grandson took over the business, the company even manufactured sugar beet harvesters for a while.

Ever since, state-of-the-art spraying technology has become Mazzotti’s top priority and trademark. Since 1987, the company has focussed exclusively on the production of self-propelled machines. Today, Mazzotti has 30 employees and annual sales of 18 to 20 million EUR.

With a market share of 65%, it is Italy’s market leader. These days, a significant sales increase is expected. “In June this year, John Deere, the world’s leading manufacturer of harvesters, planting, seeding and tillage equipment, acquired Mazzotti to enhance its sprayer business,” explains Mr. Krämer. “The acquisition is expected to lead to important synergies. John Deere is already a successful sprayer manufacturer itself; however, our self-propelled machines are new to its range and will perfectly complement the portfolio. Especially in terms of distribution, we will benefit from John Deere’s international network.”

Mazzotti has an export share of 50 to 60% and is keen to embrace new markets now. “Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of farmers,” stresses Mr. Krämer. “This is what makes them stand out and what customers all around the world love about them. Once they have worked with Mazzotti machines, they stick to them. For this reason, we can rely on many loyal customers.”

Mazzotti’s MAF and IBIS ranges mirror the company’s sound technological knowledge and its philosophy. “We are located in an area that is famous for innovative automotive technology,” adds Mr. Krämer. “Companies such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Goldoni and Hobo are all based in this valley. Reliability and stability are values that are very much appreciated over here.”

The IBIS and MAF machines come in a broad range to satisfy various needs – reliability, high performance, comfort and safety are characteristics that they all have in common. There is the IBIS 1511 LP for instance, that is designed for use in horticulture and on hilly terrain, or the IBIS 3180 LP that is characterized by exceptional performance, low weight and great manoeuvrability.

Similar to IBIS, MAF machines are the result of experience and innovative power. “A minimum of environmental impact and a maximum of performance – this is what sets those self-propelled machines apart,” points out Mr. Krämer. “Other highlights are All Crop machines, perfect solutions for farmers processing crops with high and low stems; their high ground clearance is second to none. They are highly functional and precise and feature a particularly comfortable driver’s cabin.”

Mazzotti not only offers products that are ahead of the market, but puts great emphasis on before and after sales services. “We want to be close to customers,” underlines Mr. Krämer. “Therefore, we bank on experts when it comes to smart spraying technology. They not only know the products very well but also the customers. Mazzotti has always been a small family-owned company with great success and impact on the market. This is what we want to maintain in the future. Lean management structures, flexibility and responsiveness are pivotal ingredients of our recipe for success. They are essential in helping us face and master upcoming challenges of the fast changing market. Mazzotti has always been synonymous with evolving technology – this will not change.”