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Made from nature


“We can offer all components that are required to manufacture topnotch designer sunglasses and spectacles. It is not just the use of premium cellulose acetate that makes us stand out in the fashion market, but we are able to supply metal components and ophthalmic lenses as well,” points out General Manager Alberto Bianchi. “This diversification of our product portfolio is one of the reasons for continuous success in the market, which is subject to ever-changing trends that come in short waves.”

While in the past Mazzucchelli manufactured various plastic components, the company has shifted its focus to the exclusive production of cellulose acetate. “It is a polymer of plant origin, coming from cotton linters and wood pulp, and we have been able to use it for amazing effects,” adds Mr. Bianchi. “Today, we cooperate closely with the leading names in fashion in order to develop exclusive designs for their eyeglasses collections. Each product is unique, and this is what the business is all about. All brands demand a product that translates their identity, and we supply the appropriate design to underline their brand message.”

Today, Mazzucchelli is one of the few manufacturers in its industry that still operates a production site in Italy. At its plants in Castiglione, the company employs a workforce of 400 people. Nevertheless, Mazzucchelli opted for foreign production in China at an early stage of globalization. “We entered the Chinese market in 1996, and, today, we operate two production plants. While our domestic production supplies the European market, production in China serves the Chinese market,” say Mr. Bianchi. “We follow the world of fashion closely and often anticipate trends before they have hit the market. We offer some 15 to 20 collections each year and strive hard to introduce new innovations.”

In 2011, Mazzucchelli launched a superior new cellulose acetate-based line, featuring a biologically degradable material that has been developed using a new formulation. “M49 is manufactured with raw materials from renewable sources. Currently, it is the material with the highest content of naturally sourced ingredients,” says Mr. Bianchi. “It manifests our ability to innovate and to remain a pioneer in the market. We have taken up the challenge to remain a competitive company both geographically and material-wise.”

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