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Supplying professionals with the tools of the trade


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The Meccanocar brand can look back on an almost 40-year history. Facilitated by a cooperation with the Genoan family firm Homberger Spa, Meccanocar was taken over by the Marsano family in 2014.

In Europe, its operative activities are coordinated by two direct subsidiaries, Meccanocar Italia S.r.l. and Meccanocar France s.a. Its worldwide sales are coordinated through a network of official and exclusive distributors. The tools of Meccanocar’s trade are its extensive product range and the high level of customer orientation that is the hallmark of its approach to doing business.

“Our approach to customer care is driven by a desire to be a true partner to our customers,” says CEO Alberto Marsano. “Our customers are always at the forefront of our thinking and any and all of the changes we have made to our business have been with the aim of improving our service.”

First and foremost, is the use of modern logistics technology and software to ensure short turnaround times and to provide detailed order management information. “We have two warehouses in Pisa,” says Mr. Marsano. “The larger of the two has 3,600 m² of space for groupage goods, and the second has 2,300 m² of space for bulky loads.”

Both warehouses operate best practice with a fully integrated logistics and goods management system. “Efficiency is our absolute priority,” stresses Mr. Marsano. “Every effort we make to optimize goods storage and handling procedures is done with the overarching aim of ensuring ever shorter delivery times and providing customers with increasingly timely and accurate information about the management of their supply.”

Meccanocar’s extensive product range is exhaustive, covering everything from chemical products to advertising items, metal hardware and electric parts, electrical, pneumatic and manual tools, cutting, welding and drilling accessories, truck accessories and industrial consumables.

“We are the supplier of choice for automotive workshops and body shops,” says Mr. Marsano. “We also provide everything needed for the maintenance and repair of heavy goods vehicles and driver comfort and safety. For small and medium size businesses, we supply consumables for all types of processing as well as innovative and professional tools. Finally, in the industrial sector we are a preferred supplier thanks to the quality and performance of our products.”

Our approach to customer care is driven by a desire to be a true partner to our customers. Alberto MarsanoCEO

This product range is constantly being expanded and updated. A recent addition is a new range of engine timing kits designed to allow the safe and rapid replacement of timing belts and distribution chains. “These new kits cover a wide range of vehicle makes and models, and reduce the time needed for the repair significantly,” says Mr. Marsano. “They are made in Italy and consist of specific tools coded as OEM parts.”

This new range illustrates Meccanocar Italia’s overall aim of supporting and assisting its customers. “We want to be the best partner to our customers we can and actively contribute to improving the competitiveness and quality of our customers’ work,” insists Mr. Marsano. “Through our extensive network of more than 220 sales agents in Italy and Europe, we ensure that these products are available whenever they are needed.”

Mr. Marsano stresses the importance of the human factor in its work. “This can be traced back to the two founders who set up Meccanocar in 1976,” he explains. “We are proud to continue in their footsteps with more than 10,000 active customers relying on us for the highest levels of product and service quality. Since 2014, Meccanocar has been guided by a human and professional style characterized by honesty, correctness and transparency. We always seek the right balance between respect for the people we do business with and acting in the interests of the company.”

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