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Putting patients first with effective treatments


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The medac subsidiary in Lyon was founded by Pascal Joly and his team in 2011 to distribute products made by its German parent in the French market. “All we had in the beginning was approval to distribute two small pharmaceutical products in the French market,” recalls Mr. Joly. “Within the past seven years, we have been able to increase sales from less than five million EUR then to 50 million EUR today.”

The biggest boost to turnover came in 2016 when a distribution contract for its best-selling products came to an end and medac took distribution back in house.

“Our best-selling product is an injectable for dermatological, rheumatology and gastro-enterological autoimmune diseases that offers effective relief of symptoms and which doctors are happy to prescribe for their patients because they can see the improvement it achieves,” explains Mr. Joly. “It is one of a series of products developed by our parent company using known molecules.”

medac obtains approval for their use in new dosage forms, adding value to generic drugs. “Patients are at the heart of our work,” insists Mr. Joly. “Our vision is to offer patients real solutions to actual problems. We always direct our activities to the benefit of patients where a solution is truly needed.”

There are many benefits to working with proven molecules, not least the speed of bringing new products to market. “Here in France, we have the same spirit of entrepreneurial elan as you would find in a new start-up,” describes Mr. Joly.

“By taking a patient-centered approach and listening to healthcare professionals’ expectations, we are going against the French pharmaceutical mainstream which, although it has a long tradition, can be focused more on research than people.”

All development activities are carried out at medac’s German headquarters. Production takes place at sites in Germany and the Czech Republic. The group is present in 70 countries worldwide and employs a total of 1,300 people.

Our vision is to offer patients real solutions to actual problems and not simply to develop products because we can at that moment. Pascal JolyManaging Director
medac Managing Director Pascal Joly

“We are purely a sales subsidiary with our own highly trained team of pharmaceutical representatives,” explains Mr. Joly. “They promote our products to hospital and private practice doctors, and we also take part in medical congresses to raise awareness of our products.”

Sales to hospitals account for almost a quarter of medac’s sales in the French market with dispensing pharmacies accounting for the remainder. “We target the doctors so that they will prescribe our treatments for their patients, but the distribution network is via pharmacies,” says Mr. Joly. “We operate in niche disorders where the treatment options are limited. Autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis are seen as challenging areas in which the options for treatment are relatively limited. However, because their incidence is on the rise, we believe that there is significant potential for growth.”

medac is also turning its attention to areas such as oncohaematology, urology, and analgesia with a number of promising new products in the pipeline.

“Growth has been very encouraging in the past few years and we still see strong growth potential in the French market,” says Mr. Joly. “Our strength lies in optimizing the delivery of proven molecules and we are confident that this approach will allow us to increase our market share even more in the future with new products.