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Stand out from the crowd with innovative in-store marketing


MEDIA6 is a POP expert, creating advertising and display materials which attract customers and optimize sales. The company’s service begins with its creative team who design a unique POP marketing concept, and extends to its competent production teams, who manufacture the materials, and the installation teams, who are fully conversant with the restrictions and challenges of working in a retail environment.

MEDIA6 also has a second service pillar: It designs retail outlet interiors, including the shop fixtures, managing all the processes involved and ultimately handing over a complete turnkey solution. The two service pillars result in a fully integrated solution.

“We offer top performance at all levels,” says CEO Laurent Frayssinet. “A contract can encompass the whole process, or we may be asked to focus on only the design, fitting or maintenance aspects. We tailor our service to provide exactly what our customers want. We have our own creative design teams and studio, and production units staffed with skilled engineers.”

The majority of MEDIA6’s clients are active in the luxury retail segment and include manufacturers of cosmetics, watches, jewellery, fashions and accessories. “Our largest customers are LVMH and L’Oréal. We work for all of the brands in these groups,” says Mr. Frayssinet proudly.

The LVMH portfolio includes such prestigious names as Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Sephora, Louis Vuitton, Moet & Chandon and Dom Perignon, while L’Oréal boasts famous names such as Lancôme, Kerastase, Garnier and Roger Gallet.

However, MEDIA6’s portfolio extends beyond retailers: The firm created the 600 m² Eurostar VIP lounge at the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris and is also responsible for hotel suites and spas. It is currently involved in the design and installation of a spa and theater aboard the largest cruise ship in the world.

“We have positioned ourselves in the premium and luxury market segment, and that is really our growth strategy,” explains the CEO. Acquisitions have also played a key role in MEDIA6’s development. In 2015, the firm purchased Ateliers Normand for its expertise in project coordination, in particular in the cruise ship sector.

2016 saw the acquisition of L’Atelier d’Art Marc Morisset, a sculpture and woodworking specialist, and in 2017 a Chinese producer of display furniture for luxury watches was the target. Mr. Frayssinet believes that this strategy, combined with a number of other factors, have been key to the firm’s success.

“We have an excellent design team which is skilled in the requirements of the luxury retail segment,” he says. “We also have extensive capacity in terms of production, installation and maintenance. We are in a position to offer clients the same products at the same quality level all round the world. For example, our factories in the USA, Europe and China all manufactured exactly the same products for the cosmetics firm Benefit. An added advantage is that, by manufacturing locally, we minimize our CO2 impact.”

MEDIA6 is focusing very firmly on the future and is utilizing all the opportunities offered by technological advancement. This year, the firm established its MEDIA6 laboratory, where it aims to develop experimental marketing solutions to provide consumers with a completely new POP experience.

“We want to use digital solutions such as augmented reality and connectivity, as well as a form of eco-system which will motivate customers to make purchases from the point when they enter the store,” reveals Mr. Frayssinet. “For example, for Sephora, we created a display for perfume, complete with a screen, where the video changes and emits a different colour lighting according to which perfume the customer picks up. Data can be analyzed in real time. An added advantage is that we can also service the equipment remotely via tele-maintenance. In another example, we developed materials for a chain of petrol stations that lead customers to the correct product for their particular vehicle.”

Many of MEDIA6’s clients are global concerns, and the firm is able to serve them from facilities in France, Romania, Spain and China, and a sales partner in the US. Sales offices in London, Switzerland and Italy have also recently been established.

“Further international development is high on our agenda,” confirms Mr. Frayssinet. “We also place huge value on both the training and well-being of our 500 staff. We are in a creative business, for which you need real passion in order to be inspired, feel good and, as a result, produce innovative work. Only in this way will they be able to develop the best solutions for our customers.”

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