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Safer and simpler surgery


Medicel develops, manufactures and markets foldable lens delivery systems for cataract surgery. Founded in 1996, the Swiss technology firm pioneered microincision cataract surgery with single-use instruments.

“We were one of the first suppliers to act on two trends that became apparent,” explains Emil Hohl, Medicel’s founder and managing director. “First, more and more multi-use instruments in eye surgery were being replaced by single-use ones. And second, more surgeries were being performed as minimally invasive treatments.”

Today, Medicel is a global leader in lens injection systems that make cataract surgery safer, simpler and more effective while keeping the incision during surgery as small as possible.

“Our systems support incisions of a mere 1.8 mm, which is unique worldwide,” states Mr. Hohl. Every year, close to three million synthetic lenses are implanted around the world using high-tech Medicel injection systems.

The company offers a complete range of high-quality, single-use instruments for cataract surgery. The most advanced is ACCUJECT™, a preloaded lens injection system which includes the new lens, perfectly sterile and ready for implantation. “There are two options used by our customers,” explains Mr. Hohl. “Either the lens manufacturer sells a kit that consists of our injection system and the lens, which is then loaded by the surgeon. Or the manufacturer preloads the lens into our injection system, which is then ready to use. The latter is growing more and more popular as it makes cataract surgery even safer and simpler for the surgeon.”

In addition to lens injection systems, Medicel offers a range of complementary products including irrigation and aspiration instruments, phacoemulsification accessories, cassette systems and trocar systems for retinal surgery. Medicel ships more than 98% of its products abroad, mainly to lens manufacturers around the world.

“Our primary markets are Europe, the USA and Japan,” says Mr. Hohl. Focused on the high-end market segment, Medicel is determined to further grow its leading global position in cataract surgery by continuing to develop new, innovative instruments and staying committed to its core philosophy. “Our guiding principle will always be to make eye surgery safer, simpler and more efficient,” concludes Mr. Hohl.

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