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Improving healthcare


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When he first started Meditrade back in 1991, Managing Director Pavel Bohdal only employed three people. Today, their number has risen to more than 70 and the company now operates in four countries, namely Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

“We have become a well-known name in the distribution of medical devices, and throughout our years in business we have increased our portfolio with a clear focus on cardiology. In recentyears, we have even extended our product range and we now offer various medical solutions for anaesthesia, surgery, urogynaecology or digital imaging,” points out Mr. Bohdal.

Distribution of medical devices is only one aspect for Meditrade which has started to educate healthcare professionals as well as the general public. “It all comes down to information on medical treatment. Professionals have to discuss and learn new practices in order to provide the best possible treatment for their patients. The medical sector is advancing at a rapid pace, and it is vital to stay ahead of current developments,” stresses Mr. Bohdal. “We have been cooperating with a number of high-profile cardiac centers in terms of education of primary cardiologists. This training has a direct effect on the management of patients and it contributes to an overall improvement in medical treatment, as finding the right therapy for patients is facilitated.”

Medicare relies on high-end products for cardiac surgery, interventional cardiology, like pacemakers, for instance, which are mainly manufactured in the USA and Japan. The range also includes stents and coronary guide wires. In addition, the company supplies products for intensive care, medical utilities, ophthalmology and electrophysiology.

“It really is an impressive portfolio which we have expanded continuously over the years,” points out Mr. Bohdal. “We now are in a position to offer solutions that really benefit patients. As the number of patients in Slovakia undergoing cardiovascular treatment rises in a similar way to the rest of Europe, we aim to introduce new technology in the medical market. That is not always easy in Eastern Europe, as the healthcare sector has a smaller budget at its disposal in comparison to many other countries.”

However, against the backdrop of general conditions, Meditrade has done extremely well in the past years. Last year, its turnover amounted to 24 million EUR, which equals 2.3 to 2.5% annual growth. “It is our mission to improve working conditions for healthcare and medical professionals and specialists through our innovative medical devices. An important component in this context is expert counselling,” stresses Mr. Bohdal. “Among our customers are cardiac centers and teaching hospitals. The challenges they are facing are centered on quality management systems. In this context, we offer education, also for patients undergoing cardiac operations. Only a well-educated patient will eventually lead to a healthier population that is well-informed about the prevention of diseases. Better knowledge results in better decisions. Therefore, education for all parties involved is essential.”

Following continuous expansion, Meditrade has also employed new staff but in Slovakia it often proves difficult to employ the right kind of employees. “We have a low unemployment rate in the country and everybody seems to be attracted by the large automotive sector,  especially IT and sales staff. So we try to find and keep skilled personnel by offering social benefits,” says Mr. Bohdal.

In 2001, Meditrade was awarded for its efforts in corporate social responsibility and its significant contribution to the economy and employment of Slovakia by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family as well as by the Ministry of Economy.

At the moment the health market is changing rapidly with many big companies coming in. “We want to be market leader in our sector. I have developed and accompanied the company throughout many years, and I am determined to push it further ahead. This is what drives me in my job. It is not all about money but more about the pride of giving a job to over 70 people,” stresses Mr. Bohdal. “I am very much concerned about helping people. Helping doctors and physicians to provide the best treatment to their patients is vital. We offer a difficult technology but it is very effective when in operation. This is where comprehensive training comes in – and we are good at that, too.”

It seems that Meditrade has all the passion and commitment it needs to improve operations in specialized medical sectors. “The quality of a product is a prerequisite to ongoing success for the entire sector, and we as a leading name are at the forefront of product development,” stresses Mr. Bohdal. “And we want to keep it that way.”

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