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Premium beef, not fast food


After a friend sparked his interest in kebab and the growing business opportunities it provides, Meet AB founder Tibet Ukus knew where to start as an entrepreneur. He opened his own kebab production company. But the first two attempts did not his expectations. So in 2016, he opened a third factory to launch his business.

Today, Meet AB produces rolled kebabs, ready-grilled and cut kebab meat, consumer packages for supermarkets and kebab skewers. It also provides the equipment necessary for grilling and cutting kebabs. Why kebabs? The answer to this question can be found in Mr. Ukus’s vision for kebab.

“Meat products that consist less of meat than of additives, and selling them at a high price level nevertheless – that practice is what destroyed the reputation of kebab,” says Mr. Ukus. “We want to enhance the image of kebab again.”

And there is enough reason to do so – demand is high, and food trends prove people that are more conscious of theirfood choices and they are willing to pay a higher price. Therefore, he is determined to bring good quality kebabs back, which ultimately leads to tackling the usage of additives.

“Soy, gluten, lactose – all these ingredients help to reduce costs but keep price levels up. We do not support such a thing. Our kebabs are non-allergic, healthy, and honest products.” Meet AB puts strong emphasis on compliance to health regulations.

In order to maintain these standards, its production process is fully automated. But that aside, are these kebabs really worth our money? In terms of meat, Mr. Ukus is convinced that his products are absolutely outstanding, as his company uses high-quality meats only.

“Our beef comes from Austrian and Irish slaughterhouses. It gets delivered to us, where we produce the kebabs ourselves and then sell and distribute them. We only process whole parts, no residual cuts such as legs. It is excellent meat, so we proudly stand behind our product.”

In the future, Mr. Ukus hopes for his product to change the reputation of the kebab in Sweden. As of now, he is considering school canteens as potential market for additive-free, healthy kebabs.

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