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Taking the long-term perspective


Sustainability has become a big issue in the hygiene sector, and this is where MEIKO excels. The company’s warewashing machines, dishwashers, cleaning and disinfection systems, conveyors, food waste disposal systems and food washers for professional applications not only represent the highest standards in technology, quality and design.

“MEIKO machines are designed to use less water, less electricity and less chemicals,” emphasizes Bart Jasperse, Managing Director for North West Europe. “Our product portfolio includes numerous award-winning achievements. Take the modular Upster-K dishwasher for instance, which permits expansion at a later date or the use of modules for different applications.”

Other recent developments include the WasteStar CC food waste management system, designed to process food waste in restaurants for silo storage and subsequent transport to a biofuel plant.

Established in Germany in 1927, MEIKO is the undisputed leader in terms of the number of machines as well as innovations today. Hotels, restaurants, airports and other institutions with demanding expectations on hygiene put their trust in MEIKO technology. The Dutch subsidiary is responsible for Benelux, the Scandinavian countries and part of the Caribbean and employs 41 people at its office in Barendrecht.

“Each MEIKO office handles its own sales and marketing operations as well as finance and service,” says Mr. Jasperse. “Production takes place in Germany, the USA and China. In all, the group has a total workforce of 3,000 employees worldwide.”

With new and exciting products and technologies in the pipeline, MEIKO is well prepared to maintain or even enhance its leadership position and contribute to a cleaner world in future, too.

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