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Giving time a meaning


Taking the listener by surprise and upending expectations, the famous composer Bach expresses unity in diversity and diversity in unity. Manfred Brassler, Managing Partner, Founder and Designer at MeisterSinger, has been fascinated by the clarity and coherence of Bach’s fugues since childhood and learned how important it is to develop a feeling for time and one’s own tempo.

“The name of my company and the fermata in its logo reflect the way in which my thinking and my ideals have been shaped by my love of music,” he adds. “Despite the trend towards developing more complex mechanical watches at the time, I decided to go back to traditional watchmaking and create a brand representing timeless elegance.”

The successful development MeisterSinger has experienced in the meantime documents just how successful Mr. Brassler has been in the realization of his concept. The MeisterSinger N°1, the company’s first watch launched in the year of its foundation, is successfully sold to this day and has inspired the development of a whole collection of single-hand watches.

The needle hand with counterweight has become a distinctive element of every MeisterSinger watch. The introduction of the MSHO1 movement in 2004 has added yet another dimension to the MeisterSinger brand.

Jewellers, goldsmiths and specialized shops in Europe and overseas offer MeisterSinger watches to their demanding and discerning clientele. The watches created in Münster and produced by a partner in Switzerland are targeted at the medium to upper price segment.

“At present, we sell about 10,000 watches per year,” explains Mr. Brassler. “We are planning to expand our global operations, establishing MeisterSinger as a brand that gives time a meaning.”

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