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Completing the green circle


Industrialized food production on a massive scale is designed to satisfy the needs of an exploding world population. As ever greater productivity is squeezed out of each square meter of land, there is a realization that greater recycling of waste can lead to even greater productivity. However, there are challenges to be faced.

“Traditional livestock farmers, for example, have always used the manure produced by their animals as fertilizer to increase yields of the fodder crops grown to sustain those same animals,” says General Manager Bérengère Ménart. “However, the sheer scale of numbers in modern, intensive livestock pens means that there is a risk of nitrate pollution if all of the effluent produced is dumped straight onto fields. We offer waste composting as an alternative to direct sewage farming as this has significant benefits.”

These include a significant reduction in the environmental impact of animal effluent and an increase in the quality of the fertilizer it is used to produce. Overall volumes of effluent are reduced with an associated reduction in storage and handling constraints.

To achieve these benefits, MENART offers a complete range of machines including compost turners, shredders, rotary screens and irrigation systems. Similar equipment offers the same benefits to clients in food processing, green and public waste disposal, waste sorting and recycling and soil remediation.

MENART’s product range has been developed and expanded over a period of over 30 years. “We built our first organic waste shredder in 1983, having previously imported and distributed machines for the maintenance of green spaces, forests and roadsides,” says Ms. Ménart. “We soon developed a presence in the French market and have been active in the North American market since 1993.”

Today, MENART’s business is based on two areas of activity. On the one hand, the company continues to distribute maintenance equipment for green spaces in the Belgian market on behalf of an Italian and a French manufacturer.

On the other hand it distributes its own range of recycling equipment worldwide. “Exports to more than 40 countries now account for 85% of our turnover,” says Ms. Ménart. “Our most important markets are the UK, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. However, we are also active in Central and Latin America, as well as South East Asia through a network of agents and distributors.”

Further international expansion is the goal for the future. “The environmental and performance benefits of our equipment are relevant wherever agricultural activity takes place,” insists Ms. Ménart. “Our focus for the future is on optimizing our machines to create added value for our customers in agriculture, green space maintenance and recycling. Environmental considerations are leading to a boom in the recycling industry. We can profit from this growth market as it is further strengthened by stricter legislation, because our machines not only help companies meet these requirements, they also save them money.”

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