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The company made a huge pivot just five short years ago, changing its core strategy away from beds to selling high-tech devices for operating theaters. Its bold move paid off, and the firm has already become a recognizable name within the industry.

One amazing product that has helped Merivaara make a name for itself, and that continues to sell rapidly, is the OpenOR integrated operating room management system. “OpenOR is a high-capacity system in a compact design that integrates operating room devices, data and image management,” explains Leena Viljo, CEO.

This includes features such as an interface in the user’s native language, real-time remote consultation, medically certified IP transmission technology, no image transmission delays, mobile surgical instruments that can be connected with a simple plug-and-play function and many more exciting features.

Merivaara is always looking for ways to improve existing products and stay cutting edge with new ones. This future-thinking mindset can be seen in its MeriConnect for OpenOR system. Video recordings are becoming more commonplace as many surgeries become less invasive and hospitals recognize the need for traceability. This product lets surgeons access and edit images and videos immediately after surgery. “This helps save time, speed up the turnover of patients in the operating room and, most importantly, improve patient safety,” adds Ms. Viljo.

These are just a few of the exciting products sold within the operating room segment of the firm. Other areas the business remains active in are day surgery, primary care and ER, maternity, and patient ward. To stay fresh in every area, Merivaara concentrates heavily on R&D. This can be software-focused by making sure all the hardware in the room can integrate seamlessly. It can also be design-focused, durability-focused, a combination of everything listed and more.

“A good example of this is our award-winning surgical light, Q-Flow,” says Ms. Viljo. This light provides excellent video stream quality and has an integrated camera that is controlled with the same interface used to control the light. Furthermore, wireless transmission enables a live video feed to external monitors. In terms of design, the light is optimized for the operating room’s air flow for hygiene reasons, automatically adjusts to shadows, gives superb colour rendering and many more exciting features.

The company plans to continue to innovate whenever possible and sees new opportunities emerging in the surgery room integration market across Europe. “We will also remain dedicated to and focused on our key customers,” adds Ms. Viljo. This includes being responsive to their needs, remaining flexible, keeping in close contact and providing the best products on the market.