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Holding it all together


Metalcom Kutna Hora a.s. has been expertly providing these components since 1995. Petr Dubják, the Commercial Director and Coowner of the company, has been part of the process from the beginning.

Metalcom has 80 employees and had a turnover of 25 million EUR last year. The company offers a range of building materials, such as screws, bolts, nuts, rivets and pins.

“We also offer services such as sampling, consulting and a fast shipping service,” says Mr. Dubják. The company receives 36% of its revenue from the building industry and 10% from other sources, such as the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. “The company supplies the original equipment manufacturer market, not wholesalers or distributors,” comments Mr. Dubják.

The logistics side of the company is aided by the Kanban bar code system and the 5,300 m² warehouse that is owned and operated by the company. The main target group of the company is industrial plants.

Metalcom imports some supplies, but is not very active in exports. The company focuses on the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania. In terms of marketing, the company puts out a newsletter, has a new PR manager, does general advertising and has a website.

“We want to improve the website, create a new digital product catalogue and make the catalogue available on PCs and tablets,” says Mr. Dubják.

Uniquely, the company offers a lot of customized fasteners. The client presents Metalcom with a schematic and the company is able to create a specialized product for that individual project.

“It is our goal to be different from our competitors. We do this by offering individual rather than only standardized products,” explains Mr. Dubják.

Future plans for the company include enlarging and updating its warehouses, improving its service and delivery areas and increasing its turnover. “I remain hopeful and optimistic, the best is yet to come,” says Mr. Dubják.

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