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A reliable trade partner


The company was founded by Igor Lipecki in 2009. “The founder had been active in the metal processing sector before,” explains Elzbieta Tarnowska, head of trade at Metalex Lipecki. “Within a very short period of time, we were able to develop a large business network that allowed us to establish a good position on the market for steel trade.”

At its headquarters in Sosnowiec in Poland, the enterprise employs a team of ten people and generated an annual turnover of five million EUR in 2010.

“From the start, we underwent a strong growth development,” says Ms. Tarnowska. “Amongst others, our company received a Silver Certificate of Business Credibility in 2011. In addition, we were awarded the Business Fair Play Award in 2012, the best-known reliability certificate on the Polish market.”

In the ferroalloy trade, Metalex Lipecki already ranks among the leading companies in Central Europe. “Our products are purchased mainly from renowned manufacturers in Poland,” explains the head of trade. “The range is highly diversified and includes several ferroalloys, for example ferromanganese, 65% or 75% ferrosilicon, silicomanganese, ferrochrome, ferrophosphorus and ferromolibden,” states Ms. Tarnowska. “Furthermore, we provide reinforced steel for use in reinforced concrete, hot and cold-rolled ribbed and plain bars, as well as galvanized or hot and cold-rolled metal sheets.”

Concerning its target groups, the company mainly addresses steelworks on the domestic market. “Customer satisfaction is one of our declared priorities,” explains Ms. Tarnowska. “The reliability and honesty of our employees and the high quality of work make us a professional provider of metal products.”

Due to its good reputation on the market, Metalex Lipecki refrains from extensive means of marketing. “Still, we are involved in many sponsoring activities in the motorsports and cultural sectors,” states the head of trade. “It also includes the financing of individual athletes.”

In the future, the enterprise strives to expand its business even further.

“Currently, our export rate sums up to 5%, with core markets in Germany and Hungary,” says Ms. Tarnowska. “In the medium term, this quota will be enlarged. At the present time, we are concentrating on the Polish market since we still find a lot of potential there.”

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