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The future of flooring is here


mFlor International is a specialist in PVC (design floors), also known as LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) flooring. LVT is a huge up-and-coming type of flooring because of the many advantages it offers to the buyer. This brand of flooring is convenient since it is so easy to clean.

It also gives the room a very natural look (both in wood and in stone designs), rather than a synthetic look. Underfloor heating and cooling systems work seamlessly with LVT, because with a thickness of only 2 or 2.5 mm, it is a good conductor of heat.

Finally, LVT is water resistant, which makes it perfect for all rooms in the home, including high humidity rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. Private and commercial clients alike are eager to work with mFLOR, not only for the obvious benefits of LVT floors, but also for the sustainability aspect.

“Our production plant is certified ISO-14001, which means that the impact of production on the local environment is neutral,” says Peter Kuipers, General Manager.

Since LVT floors are easy to clean, this also means that less water and fewer cleaning products are necessary. Furthermore, each type of flooring sold by the company features low emission values.

LVT floors are also being bought by individuals and businesses, because it allows the buyer to express his or her unique style. “The floors come in both strips and squares,” explains Mr. Kuipers. “This means they can be combined in many ways, including straight, diagonal, with a border, with mixed colours and mixed shapes.”

To help customers choose exactly what is right for them, mFLOR offers assistance by helping them to figure out exactly what type of flooring works for their personality and their space. There are five defined lifestyles that the client can choose from, classic, modern, industrial, rural and Scandinavian.

The firm provides additional technical support (with an app and with the mFLOR Floorplanner on the website) to interested buyers by having a floor planner built into the company website. This allows the user to adjust wall colours and actively see how various floor options will look with those colours.

Another option the user has is to take a picture of the room and project the floor choices into the photo. To reach new clients and educate interested parties in this new type of flooring, the firm attends several trade fairs.

mFLOR also operates a very user friendly website, provides printed and digital brochures and gives training workshops in the countries that import the different floor types. “We’re always innovating, looking for new ideas and working on providing the best options to our clients,” sums up Mr. Kuipers.

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