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“Our company slogan translates as ‘We provide support’, and this refers not only to the function of our products, but also to the company and its employees – many longstanding – who provide customers with longevity through good advice, advanced technology and solid construction,” explains Michael Sandler who, along with a colleague, is responsible for sales and marketing.

Micromat is a specialist in the production of clamping technology, including swivel clamps which are mainly used in jigs and fixtures fabrication, and cylinder technology – block, round and straight cylinders – used in a range of different industrial applications. Components which position, clamp, rivet, open, close or pull – some 500 million variations – can be configured online with just nine clicks using Micromat’s unique configurator tool.

The company’s products are used in a broad range of sectors and functions, including mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, and general industry such as toolmaking, stamping and injection molding. “At the moment, only 10% of our components are exported but, over the coming year, we are aiming to secure a number of new sales partners within Europe and around the world,” reveals Mr. Sandler.

Micromat was founded in 1989 by its Managing Director Andreas Paul, who had extensive previous experience in hydraulics. For two years, the company operated from Mr. Paul’s garage, before moving to an industrial unit in Heimsheim, Baden Württemberg.

In 2004, Micromat became a subsidiary of the Voith Group, and moved its headquarter to Rutesheim; today, this is the company’s main plant, while the facility in Heimsheim undertakes assembly, impregnation and cylindrical grinding. In addition to its core activities, Micromat also undertakes contract manufacturing for the Voith Group. The company employs a total of 75 staff and generates revenues of nine million EUR per year.

We have fantastic products and superb technology, and we are proud of everything that contributes to that. Michael SandlerSales and Marketing
Michael Sandler, Sales and Marketing at Micromat Spannhydraulik GmbH

“Since 2004, the company has achieved steady and continual growth; last year was a particularly good year,” notes Mr. Sandler. The sales and marketing specialist joined the company in 2019 with experience in the toolmaking and molding sectors, and is responsible for operative sales and marketing, and strategy. Mr. Sandler’s specialism is state-of-the-art marketing media which includes the development of a new, high-tech website and product videos.

“This is the modern way to acquire customers,” he says. “Digital media enables us to make interesting, professional presentations and elicit interest in our products, which will generate more contracts from new and existing customers.”

Suppliers to the automotive and engineering sectors are facing extensive challenges. “No one really knows where the journey will take us,” Mr. Sandler admits. “What we can be sure of is that, in our field, good products will always be required. Digitalization is obviously having a huge impact, and customers demand instant information and very fast delivery.”

Micromat’s modern manufacturing facilities and methods will continue to produce high-quality products, ensuring growth during the potentially difficult years to come. “We have fantastic products and superb technology, and we are proud of everything that contributes to that,” Mr. Sandler sums up. “Our ultimate goal is for Micromat to become a very big name in cylinder and clamping technology.”

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