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A viable solution


Established in 2006 as a spin-off of Infineon, the Fraunhofer Institute for physical measuring technology, Micropelt GmbH specialized in the development of thermoelectric converters. Based on the know-how of the Institute and several years of R&D, Micropelt launched a highly efficient miniature thermogenerator chip based on a patent-covered thin film technology.

Backed by powerful investors, Micropelt built the first plant for the series manufacture in Halle in Saxony-Anhalt. “Our thermogenerators are ideally suited for replacing batteries in wireless sensors or actuators,” says CEO Fritz Volkert. “At present we concentrate on applications. Our chips are the basis for intelligent radiator thermostats for heating systems, enabling energy savings of up to 30% for both new installations and retrofitting, and major HVAC companies are interested. Our thermogenerators are an interesting alternative for private households, too.”

Powering wireless sensors and actuators maintenance-free and for the whole life cycle, Micropelt thermogenerators open up growth markets in building automation, process monitoring and many more.

“With our team of 25, we are optimistic as to the future mass application. We have patent rights for the technology and the applications, we offer the smallest and most efficient low-cost devices, and not in the least, we are optimistic thanks to the patience and the perseverance of our investors,” concludes the CEO.

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