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Hungarian soldering specialists


Around 60% of the business volume falls to machines, devices and equipment, 30% to soldering materials, chemicals, adhesives and other board level resin products, and 10% to training courses and services.

“Our most important field is the distribution of production units,” explains owner and Managing Director Péter Regős. “These units go to companies that work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For them non-operation periods are extremely expensive. This means we not only have to sell machines but also spare parts, and of course, we offer service, too. Our employees instruct the local users. In most cases the machines are back in operation within 15 minutes. We draw on many years of experience in soldering technology. As a result, we have profound know-how and are able to offer much more than just products. We provide solutions and all the equipment our clients need to implement them.”

“We are a small company,” adds Csaba Pető, responsible for sales and technical support. “We have to be a full-service partner in order to distinguish ourselves from the big players. We offer solutions and services, and cover the whole logistics and transport chain. We have committed and experienced staff enhancing their knowledge permanently.”

Soldering equipment is the mainstay of the business. Yet, Microsolder’s product range also includes most of the equipment needed to manufacture printed circuit board assemblies. The company provides products made by some of the best-known electronic manufacturers worldwide. Among the names are ERSA, Viscom, Henkel, Stannol, Gen3, Purex, and others.

The range of ERSA products includes wave soldering machines and assembly lines, reflow ovens, selective soldering systems, automatic solder paste printers, temperature profilers, hand soldering tools, and soldering and desoldering stations. IR and Hybrid rework stations, ERSAscope optical inspection and quality management systems for hidden soldered joints complete the range.

The Henkel Electronics Division products under Loctite, Multicore and Hysol brands encompass solder creams and bars, cored solder wires, liquid fluxes, cleaners, surface mount adhesives, underfills, thermal management products, conformal coatings and other board level assembly materials round off the portfolio.

“We have to be a full-service partner in order to distinguish ourselves from the big players.” Csaba Pető director of sales and technical support

Microsolder is active nationwide and cooperates with all sizes of electronic companies from one-man businesses to multinationals. Altogether, the company serves 1,000 to 1,200 clients. Most of them are regular clients. The company’s reference list is long and includes renowned names such as Bosch, Continental, Flextronics, Jabil, Sanmina, Delphi, Valeo, National Instruments, or the huge Hungarian CMS: Videoton.

“Of course, internationalization is an important issue for us,” says Mr. Regős. “We have contracts with several distributors abroad. With respect to export activities, we will focus on training, education and seminars. We are an IPC distributor, too. IPC Association Connecting Electronics Industries has over 200 different standards. We provide all of them. Five of the most widely used of them have special training and certification programs. We are authorized to teach them and to issue internationally valid certificates. There is strong demand for those certificates in our neighbouring countries. We have already held training courses in Romania, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Macedonia. All the training courses are held in English.”

Growth is at the top of the company’s future agenda. More and more medium-sized companies from Western Europe are entering the Hungarian market. Here, Mr. Regős sees promising perspectives. “Over the last 20 years, we have been continuously adapting to the changing market trends and demands,” he says. “In the coming years, we will continue this strategy and try to meet the current trends and needs of our clients. Nonetheless, we do not aim for growth at any price. We aim for steady growth and stability. Yet, long-term stability requires constant changes.”

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