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Individual open source solutions for your business


“Our mission is to introduce integrated open source solutions to enterprises,” says Mr. Amacker. “We are specialists in agile software development and focus on individual solutions.”

mimacom concentrates on portal development, on web applications and on the scaling of applications. In the web application sector, mimacom offers internal and external solutions for enterprises on the basis of the edoras one platform.

“Currently, this market sector is moving at a very fast pace,” explains the CEO. “Thanks to the digital transformation, the developments are making quantum leaps. We are positive, that we are able to differentiate from competitors with edoras one.”

At present, mimacom focuses on the German-speaking countries in Europe. The company is active in different industries with a focus on banks and insurance companies.

Thanks to its proximity to the Swiss government in Bern, the company is an IT partner of the state, too. Also, the telecommunications market is a mainstay of the business.

For the coming years, Mr. Amacker expects much from the healthcare market. “Especially hospitals have a strong backlog demand in digitalisation solutions,” he says. “The same is true for the energy market.”

Founded in 1999, mimacom is rooted in the Advanced Technical College of Bern. Soon, the young company focused on Java developments and individual software solutions, especially open source solutions. In 2010, the company decided to establish a subsidiary for its production activities.

Today, mimacom ag unites mimacom Deutschland GmbH and the production company edorasware with facilities all over Europe. Only recently, the company opened up its first facilities in Charlotte, USA. Altogether, mimacom has a staff of 150 and achieves an annual turnover of around 20 million EUR. mimacom will not rest on its laurels in the coming years.

“In 2014, we re-established our technological basis,” says Mr. Amacker. “Now, we would like to enhance our technological know-how. IOT will be a promising market sector, together with smart homes, smart cities and cloud solutions, I see much growth potential here. The USA is an interesting market where we would like to gain ground in the coming years. Also, shoring centres in India are an option for us.”

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