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Transforming public spaces


Mmcité+ was founded by two students, Radek Hegmon and David Karásek, of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Department of Design in Zlín, in 1994. The two students had won a local architectural tender to provide the city with street furniture and decided to set up their own business.

From the beginning, the team planned to offer street furniture with in-house design. “nearly ten years later, in 2001, mmcité+’s first foreign office was established in Slovakia,” explains CEO Pavel Dokulil. He has been with the company since January 2014.

Previously, Mr. Dokulil worked as business development manager for the German-speaking region at mmcité+. “Over time, the enterprise gradually expanded and thus moved to facilities with internal development and production departments in 2009. In 2012, mmcité+ opened its first overseas subsidiary in Peru. Today, the company is active in more than 20 countries around the world.”

At present, mmcité+ is still owned by its founders Radek Hegmon and David Karásek, who rely on a capable team of of 150 employees at the headquarters in Bílovice in the Czech Republic. Apart from its main office, the company maintains its own subsidiaries in ten countries and has several sales representatives in European markets.

“Our range of products and services includes the design and realization of both transportation terminals and street furniture, for example benches, litter bins, rails and cycle stands,” states the CEO. “In this regard, we see ourselves as a powerful link between architects and construction companies. We attach high importance to suitable compositions and are therefore already involved in the design process of the respective construction. Professional industrial design is clearly visible in our products.”

In terms of its transportation terminal portfolio, the Czech company has realized numerous projects at home and abroad, for example bus and airport terminals, train stations and shelters for commuter railway systems.

“Customers on the domestic and foreign markets also value our street furniture,” says Mr. Dokulil. “These products can today be found in nearly every large European city, for example in London, Paris or Budapest. Some of our installations have even found a new home in Dubai.”

Apart from its broad range of products and services, mmcité+ places great emphasis on close cooperation with architects as well as internal manufacturing processes. “This step is necessary to ensure an exact realization of our design ideas in the final product,” explains the CEO. “Concerning this matter, we maintain our main factory in Bílovice and additional production facilities in South America. Apart from standard products, we are also able to design tailor-made solutions according to the customer’s specific wishes and requirements.”

At the moment, mmcité+ is involved in more than 20 different projects in Continental Europe. Examples are the planning and realization of subway exits in Warsaw, Poland, redevelopments of Czech, Slovakian and Polish train stations, public transport stops in Spain and a roofing solution at the airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris, France.

All these constructions result in visually attractive and economically effective objects that satisfy customers and daily users alike. “Our design has been distinguished several times,” states Mr. Dokulil. “References include the Good Design Award in 2009, the Red Dot Design Award in 2010 and the Czech Grand Design Manufacturer of the Year Award in 2012.”

By means of these honours, the Czech enterprise attracts many customers at home and abroad. Its primary target groups are architects, municipalities and construction companies that are fully involved in the whole development and realization process.

Mmcité+´s export rate amounts to an impressive 70% and includes markets in Poland and the Slovak Republic, Spain and other countries. “The penetration of new foreign markets is already planned,” says the CEO. “Western Europe provides great potential for our business, in particular the German-speaking region. There, a lot of investments in public infrastructure are made. For this reason, we will participate in the Innotrans trade fair in Berlin, Germany in September to present our innovative solutions.”

As a general contractor for public transport infrastructures, mmcité+ contributes to long-term changes in the European public sector. In the time to come, the effective company strives to expand its services to markets with high demand for innovative public infrastructure.

“In order to be close to these new markets, we will open a subsidiary for special projects in Austria,” explains Mr. Dokulil. “We want to establish ourselves as professional provider in this area.”

Already at this point, the Czech company is advancing its development of progressive systems such as noise barriers for the public sector. “In the past, noise barriers, for instance near motorways, have been accompanied by a striking incision in the landscape,” states the CEO. “Our carefully designed noise barriers, which will be launched next year, will fit into nature seamlessly.”

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