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Where green can flourish


Founded in March 2000, Mobilane is a member of the Darthuizer Groep, a corporation with a positive, innovative contribution towards green living. Mobilane works with offices, restaurants, local governments and private individuals to find the right shade of green for their building.

“We are also interested in working with architects,” says General Director Hans Westerduin. “We can inform them about our products and inspire them to incorporate green elements into their designs.”

Mobilane offers a range of products: One of its most versatile is Kant & Klaar Haag, a patented kind of hedge. The units, all 1.2 m wide, are available in various heights from 1 to 2.2 m. Popular applications for them include separating private gardens or disguising bicycle parking areas.

“We sold several hedges with a steel matrix to the city of Rotterdam,” Mr. Westerduin points out. “They are used both to conceal graffitied walls and to offer protection from vandals.”

Mobiroof is a series of cassettes with plants for flat roofs. They buffer rain water and filter fine dust particles. LivePanel is a vertical garden for indoors and outdoors. It is the perfect solution for urban areas where there is not enough room for trees. Mobilane’s NoiStop consists of sound-absorbing panels to keep noise either in, as with playgrounds, or out, as with nursing homes.

Plant solutions from Mobilane use 10% less water than others. “They also provide a lot of green at once,” Mr. Westerduin says. “There is no need to wait for the plants to grow.” All the different products can be used short or long term. Leasing is also an option for the latter.

While planting schemes differ according to the intended position, a condition for sale is that maintenance is carried out by specialised partners. Mobilane has 26 employees at its headquarters and runs 15 production locations in China, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy and Hungary.

With its sales teams in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium and France, the company has a turnover of several million EUR. The export rate is currently 50% and growing – the result of attending nearly 20 fairs a year, both for consumers and businesses. “We have had requests from as far away as New Zealand,” the general director highlights.

Not only plants grow with Mobilane. The employees receive special education and training to keep them growing, which the general director plans to continue. He also aims to double turnover over the next two to three years. “With our own R&D department, we also aim to introduce a new product every year.”

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