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Santa Lucia is driven by a passion for ‘made in Italy’ – this has not changed since the very beginning, and has always been its key to success. The company is widely acclaimed for contemporary furniture designed and manufactured in Italy.

Beds, tables, chairs, wardrobes and sofas reflect Santa Lucia’s ability to adapt flexibly to market trends, and its outstanding experience of more than 50 years. Its interior solutions are characterized by quality and attractive design, and are based on innovative technology.

“We strive to design furniture that becomes an integral part of a house or apartment,” states Sales Manager Livio Battiston, who joined the company in 2005. He focuses not only on facts and figures but also on the products themselves.

“If you want to sell a product, you really need to know it,” he says. “I’ve definitely learned a lot about Santa Lucia’s products. Our range offers the perfect solution for the most diverse needs in terms of style and price.”

Santa Lucia was founded in 1965 as a traditional workshop and has grown continuously since then – in terms of size, product variety and know-how. Today, with a workforce of 144 employees – a team of young, dynamic and visionary people – the company generates 22 million EUR per year.

Three brands – Pratico, Homy and Ikona – are Santa Lucia’s flagship products. “Our three brands cater to the most unique requirements,” stresses Mr. Battiston. “‘Pratico, for instance, is a furniture collection that combines taste and style at attractive prices. Homy offers  solid furniture in the mid-price segment, and Ikona comes as our new high-end solution. The collection is stylish and trendy, featuring the most innovative technical solutions. Ikona is our latest brand. We only introduced it in 2018, and so far, we have had very positive feedback, which does not come as a surprise really. Ikona is simply different: It has a unique look which makes it stand out. For this reason, we are striving to introduce Ikona on new foreign markets. Due to fierce market competition in the low-price segment, we’re concentrating on the high-end market.”

Ikona is our flaghip collection. This is high-end furniture with a unique design approach and great market potential in Italy and abroad. Livio BattistonSales Manager

Currently Homy makes up 60% of sales. The company’s products are distributed mainly to retailers. In addition, Santa Lucia relies on contract distribution, a field that is set to grow in the future. Santa Lucia relies on vast in-house expertise and know-how to design and produce unique striking furniture.

“Our production processes are highly automated,” points out Mr. Battiston. “All production steps, from the purchase of raw material to packaging and shipping, are located in-house and are strictly controlled. However, there are some specific processes where cooperating with external specialists makes sense.”

Pratico is synonymous with 100% made in Italy. Homy is produced in Prata Pordenone while its design is the result of a collaboration with external partners. Ikona is produced in part by Santa Lucia, in part by external specialists. This way, the company can guarantee utmost quality when it comes to innovative materials and finishes. Exports are extremely important.

“So far, exports have contributed only 15% to revenues,” says Mr. Battiston. “We started exporting to France, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Malta, the UK, India and Sri Lanka in 2017. It is still early days, but now we are keen to continue strengthening our international presence and embrace new markets such as Germany. Germany is highly attractive – a demanding and challenging market where quality will be pivotal. At the moment, we are preparing our market entry and are excited to see if our concept works. Our plan is to increase sales to 30 million EUR by 2022 with an export rate of 25 to 30%. Therefore, we are investing a lot in advanced technologies, social media, communication strategies and services. A crucial challenge will be to increase our brand visibility. We can rely on a team of committed employees who are keen to bring the company forward. With this in mind, we look forward with optimism.”

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