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Hungarian experts in oil trading


“Yes, we are eager to extend our energy trading and sales operations in the CEE region,” Mr. Sáling says. “Also, we will continue to develop an asset backed trading framework within in the MOL Group.”

MCT concludes deals on the OTC market as well as via the relevant commodity exchanges, using the broker market which provides the company the possibility to find the best price and to perform even more efficient trading. The scope of products covered by group and the number of clients keeps growing along with the needs of the company’s internal and external customers.

Originally, the company started off with crude oil and product derivatives. Now, the product spectrum boasts bio-fuels, gas, electricity and coal derivatives, too. The company serves as in-house commodity partner of the MOL Group as well as a dealer for external companies.

Regarding physical energy supply and trading, MCT has been able to strengthen its regional market position significantly last year. Also, the group achieved multiple growth in its local energy sales portfolio in 2013.

The MCT’s counterpart portfolio includes major international banks, fellow trading arms of the industrial super major companies, brokers and clearing service companies, too. MCT targets them via the typical channels of the trading community, using communication platforms, screens and international professional forums.

“Our team makes us stand out of the trading community,” Mr. Sáling explains the company’s sustainable success. “Our traders draw on international experience and on profound understanding of the regional market. They read the commodity markets well and keep coming up with profitable strategies and ideas regarding new operations for the MOL Group. Yet, the team is moderate in size so that we are able to provide top quality service.”

Also, MOL Group is known for its thorough sustainability framework and has received numerous awards in this field. The team of Mr. Sáling is fully aware that the group has to manage various environmental and safety risks regarding its operations.

MOL Group established six focus areas of sustainability of which environmental protection is one of them. “I am positive that in the coming years, we will be able to considerably contribute to the results of MOL Group,” says Mr. Sáling. “At present, the market players are working in risk-off mode and many participants quit the commodity trading business or even leave the Central European region. In the last few years, credit issues played an even bigger role than it used to do before, especially when it comes to OTC trading. But I strongly believe that with reasonable and patient risk taking, trading can considerably contribute to the results of MOL Group, even under rigorous daily control.”

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