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A look at a company’s life cycle


“We are proud that our threefold approach in asset management has helped us to realize continuous growth in the past years,” says CEO Guillaume Dard, who acquired the company in 2004.

This business model includes European equities, convertible bonds, and flexible and multi assets, keeping in mind the corporate objective of building up long-term performance. Montpensier Finance’s funds are managed by its experienced team, relying on the company’s own method.

In addition, investment decisions are in line with the Socially Responsible Investment (IRS) approach that favours ethical investments. “Our main fund, Best Business Models, is a Eurozone equity fund with over 700 million EUR in assets under management,“ says Mr. Dard.

The fund Best Business Models includes large Eurozone companies that have been chosen due to their positioning in their life cycles and their upside potential.

“Our proprietary model is the basis for our European equity management team,” states Mr. Dard. “Every company has its own life cycle, which is characterized by rapid growth in its early years, slow growth in its mature age, followed by decline. At the end, a relaunch is possible, leading to an improved growth rate. Just look at a company like Apple, which has experienced its ups and downs.”

Montpensier Finance evaluates all companies in its funds according to their status, taking into consideration their current growth situation and their growth potential on the stock exchange.

“This model has earned us excellent ratings for our funds,” points out Mr. Dard. “Our second fund, Great European Model, which has the same process but on European equities, is equally successful and aims to reach four stars soon.”

For performing small and mid-caps in the Eurozone, Montpensier Finance has set up Quadrator, which uses a method based on the criteria growth, visibility, valuation and strategy. Most customers are institutional investors who rely on Montpensier Finance’s reliability, risk evaluation and good market experience.

Montpensier Finance still sees great potential in the neighbouring countries and gives itself the objective to have over five billion EUR under management in the next five years.

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