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Passion for the farming industry


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For the meat wholesaler MRT - Ludwig Leidmann GmbH, quality is a question of how the livestock is kept, and that is why the company puts emphasis on the welfare of its animals. “We have started with the concept of keeping pigs on straw,” says Managing Director Marianne Strobl. “Straw pigs are an alternative to organic breeding and the welfare of the animals is our focus. We also guarantee really good processing premium quality meat.”

The company is a genuine family business, which was established by Ludwig Leidmann and his daughters Marianne Strobl and Adelheid Schwinghammer in Munich. “My family has always been active in the farming sector, and we work with passion for our animals and our customers,” points out Ms. Strobl. “We provide personal support and meet all our customers’ requirements. It does not matter if they buy one pig or one hundred, they can rely on us to do everything to satisfy them. Our main benefit is our service offer and not our price.”

However, it is becoming more and more difficult to survive as a family business in the farming and meat industry. Price wars, consumers with no understanding of farming processes, and increasingly stringent regulations make it hard to concentrate on what is really important.

We work with passion for our animals and our customers. Marianne StroblManaging Director

“We all need to think about sustainability and become future-oriented,” states the Managing Director. “Our straw pigs are an important and appropriate step into the future for us. We work together with a network of farmers of all sizes in the region, who breed the pigs according to our specifications.”

Straw pigs have 30% more space and are kept on a straw-based housing, which is more comfortable and provides playing opportunities. In addition, they are fed with gene-free products. This way, their meat is of a higher quality. Besides the straw pigs, MRT - Ludwig Leidmann GmbH only processes QS and GQ certified meat from Bavaria.

Short transportation distances ensure less stress for the animals. Even if the conditions in the industry are becoming more and more difficult, MRT - Ludwig Leidmann GmbH will keep on adapting to the requirements in the market to compete with bigger companies.

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