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An established name in new technologies


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“We’re one of the leading producers of embedded boards and embedded PC systems,” says Holger Herbstritt, Plant Manager of MSC Technologies in Freiburg. “In fact, we rank third in systems and are the market leader in HMI (human-machine interface) machines in mid-sized series production.”

The company is a provider of display, board and systems solutions for computers. “We develop products only in combination with production,” Mr. Herbstritt explains. “We have framework agreements for orders, and we focus on medium-sized quantities.”

Among the company’s key products is control systems for tractors for agriculture. These systems are in use worldwide. “We are responsible for the product every step of the way: from sourcing the elements to constructing the casing, and developing the board and the interaction of the components, to testing and validating everything,” the Plant Manager says. “Our customers are pleased to get everything from one source.”

MSC Technologies also produces control panels for smart home automation, which allow users to control light, sound, temperature and more. The company has a broad standing in terms of sectors, providing HMIs for printers in the food industry, control panels for cranes, computer systems for X-ray machines at airports, graphics analysis for CTs and MRIs, PC systems for rail operators, computer systems for parcel sorting machines, and computer platforms for the gaming industry. “They have extremely high demands on quality and security,” Mr. Herbstritt adds.

With the acquisition by Avnet, MSC Technologies expanded its range to include modular PC systems and is approaching the market as Avnet Integrated . It uses ready-made racks and takes on customer-specific end configurations.. “We moved this business unit from Belgium to Freiburg,” Mr. Herbstritt says. “It’s a solution in high demand where a lot of memory is necessary, such as with banks. The systems are faster with shorter development cycles.”

Holger Herbstritt
We develop products only in combination with production. Holger HerbstrittPlant Manager

6. As a result of its integration into Avnet, the company has also gained access to a global market. “The rack systems are in demand worldwide,” Mr. Herbstritt continues. “We were previously active throughout Europe, especially in the DACH region, the UK and Scandinavia. Now we have customers all over the world.”

Customers appreciate that MSC Technologies (Avnet Integrated) offers customized projects from a single source. “If a customer wants to change a PCB, for instance, and that will have an impact on the casing, we can make all the changes in-house,” Mr. Herbstritt clarifies. “That’s our added value. We have vast understanding in all our fields of activity. Plus, we’re fast and flexible. We can also use synergies across several sectors and are therefore at the fore of the market.”

Another crucial benefit of working with MSC Technologies is its skilled and knowledgeable staff. “We’re a very tech-heavy company,” the Plant Manager notes. “Nearly all our staff have a technical background. The President of our company, for example, is a physicist. As a result, we recognize trends quickly and know what we need to implement them.”

MSC Technologies was founded by Manfred Schwarztrauber in the 1980s. At the time, the company sold components like controllers and memory chips – parts that require technical know-how. Customers began requesting more development and production, and the company added printed circuit boards to its range in 1987. The site in Freiburg goes back to the company Fritz Hellige GmbH, founded in 1895. It had made a name for itself in the medical sector.

The site changed hands several times until ending up with GE before the turn of the millennium. When the company wanted to close the site, MSC Technologies stepped in and took it over. Freiburg became a service company. MSC Technologies then joined Avnet in 2013, the world’s leading distributor of components. Today MSC product and services are available in the market under the brand Avnet Integrated.

10. Moving forward, the company aims to have its sites in Stutensee and Malta grow together with its design centers. “We follow the philosophy of one factory to the customer,” the Plant Manager says. The company also strives to face technical challenges with creativity and complete solutions, taking the lead in the production of systems. “We’re going to increase our use of robotics and automation,” Mr. Herbstritt continues. “Industry 4.0 is behind it. In the process, we’ll deal with resources more sustainably.”

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