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We invent the virtual world


What has become a thriving family business with headquarters in Stockholm and Elmhult is the result of a merger of two successful companies that were founded in 1952 and 1989, respectively.

Weibull was the specialist for the development and production of military solutions and provided platforms and hardware for simulators and other military training devices for air, land and sea.

MSE, founded by Micael Schmitz in 1989, focused on advanced civilian industries, developing machines and control systems on a project basis. “For instance, we developed machines for the production of titanium dental implants,” points out CEO Mr. Schmitz. “Before the merger, both companies already cooperated, but following the acquisition of Weibull by MSE, the new MSE Weibull has been concentrating on a broader range of activities and markets.”

Today, MSE Weibull is one of the undisputed specialists for simulation and training equipment for both the military and civilian markets. “We are active in a niche market and do not face any direct competition, as we develop and deliver products that require specialised know-how that is hard to find elsewhere,” adds Mr. Schmitz.

Due to its extensive know-how, the company is able to provide the complete life cycle of a training or simulation system, from system design through to construction.

“Systems for the military market still account for 70% of our turnover. However, there is a clear trend towards industrial solutions to be observed. Many products that were initially developed for armed forces have found their way into industry,” stresses Mr. Schmitz.

His company has approached new market segments most successfully. “For the gaming industry, we have introduced solutions like the Virtual Theatre, which enables a person to intrude a virtual world, like we have seen it in the film Avatar. The Virtual Theatre is based on the omnidirectional treadmill, a patented MSE development, which represents a breakthrough in the gaming experience. This unique technology allows gamers to participate inside the game, rather than just being spectators,” says Mr. Schmitz. “The system can also be adapted for medical applications.” MSE Weibull is undoubtedly going to strengthen its activities in the gaming industry.

“Nevertheless, we predict huge potential in all our markets,” adds Mr. Schmitz. In the coming years, the company aims to employ new specialists who will help to boost MSE Weibull’s performance in its designated markets. “Also, we are looking for partners and investors interested in supporting our expansion,” the CEO concludes.

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