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Single-source machine tool specialist


MSG is specialized in producing, selling and servicing medium-sized and large machine tools. Established in 1997, the company covers all processing technologies, from milling and drilling to grinding and planing.

“We manufacture complex machinery components for all types of industrial sectors,” Managing Director Klaus Hoffmann describes the main activity of the medium-sized enterprise, which is owned by its founder, Gerhard Stohl.

What sets MSG apart in this area, compared to many competitors, is its almost unique equipment, which includes milling machines with an exceptional working width of 15 m.

“We are focused on cubic processing and have five high-performance milling machines with up to five NC axes,” states Mr. Hoffmann.

The second activity of MSG comprises wide-ranging machine tool services, including disassembly and re-installation, on-site repairs, defect assessments, reconditioning of worn parts, mechanical and electronic upgrades, installation of new CNC control systems, re-establishing machine geometries, laser measurements as well as equipment start-up and approvals. In this sector, MSG distinguishes itself through its complete service portfolio.

“Many competitors offer only a part of the comprehensive range of machine tool services,” explains Mr. Hoffmann. “We, on the other hand, cover the entire spectrum and provide all services from a single source.”

Currently MSG is handling a challenging project where a machine is disassembled in Germany and reassembled in China. MSG’s extensive machine tool portfolio of is rounded off with trading in used equipment.

MSG employs 40 people and turns over 3.5 million EUR. The company’s main market is Germany, with minor activities in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

“We have also worked for Siemens USA,” says Mr. Hoffmann. MSG’s medium-term goal is to grow revenues to five million EUR. “We plan to expand internationally and develop new export markets,” states Mr. Hoffmann.

The internationalization strategy is supported by new, multilingual staff in the company’s back office. In addition to growing internationally, MSG aims to expand all of its three business units – manufacturing, services and trading – to maintain a well-balanced portfolio.

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