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Muramoto Manufacturing Europe (MME) is a subsidiary of Muramoto Industry Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Kobe, Japan, the globally operating manufacturing and engineering group was founded in 1935.

“Muramoto Manufacturing Europe is the only production plant in Europe,” says Sales & Purchasing Manager Jaroslav Sindelar. “Other Muramoto subsidiary companies are based in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, the USA and Vietnam.”

MME is specialized in the production of metal components for automotive applications,air-conditioning systems and medical technology devices. Located in Žebrák in Central Bohemia, MME was established in 2005.

The company also used to fabricate metal parts for Panasonic TV sets. “When Panasonic changed to plastic frames, we developed other dynamically evolving markets such as car making and medical technology,” explains Mr. Sindelar.

MME has 156 employees – the Group employs over 10,000 people – and turns over 400 million CZK, or approximately 14.6 million EUR. The company produces pressed and stamped parts for interior and exterior air-conditioning units, which account for 50% of total output, components and assemblies for the automobile industry (40%), such as casings for electronic airbag and EPS control systems as well as seat and seat belt parts, and high-tech components for medical technology suppliers (10%).

All parts are custom-made to meet individual specifications and supplied to customers all over Europe, such as Daikin Industries Czech Republic, Foxxcon Slovakia, Toyota Boshoku, Fujitsu Ten Espana, Rexxam Electronics Ireland and Tokai Rika Czech Republic.

“Our direct export share is 30%,” states Mr. Sindelar. “Indirectly, it is much higher as we supply many multinational groups with manufacturing locations in the Czech Republic.”

Most of the pressing and stamping tools used by MME are provided by the parent company in Japan. “Our strong tool making capabilities enable us to respond quickly to individual customer demands,” says Mr. Sindelar.

In addition, the Czech company capitalizes on its many years of manufacturing experience and its strong technical competences. “We are equipped with high-performance presses for the production of very large and oversized components,” states Mr. Sindelar.

Though focused on large production runs, MME also accepts smaller customer orders. “We cover the whole range of manufacturing quantities, from single prototypes to complete assemblies ready for installation,” explains Mr. Sindelar.

MME does not participate in any exhibitions or other industry events but advertises in print media and on the internet to further grow its position in the competitive component manufacturing sector.

“Our goal is to increase revenues back to the level before we lost Panasonic as a customer,” states Mr. Sindelar. “To achieve this goal, we shall put a larger focus on the booming automotive sector, particularly in Germany, because of our geographical proximity,” concludes Mr. Sindelar.

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