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No chance for damp


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Damp or mould in the house is never a pleasant discovery – but it is a common occurrence, especially in areas where moisture can come in from outside or in parts of a house where there is lots of excess moisture such as bathrooms.

Excess moisture can be caused by leaking pipes, rising damp in basements or ground floors, or rain seeping in because of damage to the roof, walls or window frames. Murprotec has seen all different types of mould and damp and all different causes for the problem. The company is an experienced and leading provider of efficient damp-proofing solutions.

“Murprotec was founded in 1954 in Great Britain,” says Director Jean-Claude Laporte-Riou. “The same year, the company obtained a patent for its damp treatment solution. There is no doubt that Murprotec has always been a pioneer in terms of solutions against damp.”

The effective solutions have been a winner right from the beginning – not only in Great Britain. In the mid-1970s, Murprotec started focusing on international markets and established a subsidiary in France, followed by Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

The European headquarters of the dynamic group is located in Brussels, while the French head office is based in Paris. Along with international growth the company became a producer itself, providing a warranty of up to 30 years on its exceptional treatments.

Today, the Murprotec Group has 450 collaborators and annual sales of 60 million EUR. In France, there are 76 agencies, 150 partners and revenues stand at 28 million EUR. The company’s success is the result of a solution-oriented company approach.

“We focus on three main areas,” sums up Mr. Laporte-Riou. “Dampness caused by condensation, capillary rising damp and penetrating damp. Our specialists work out solutions for every type of damp. To achieve exceptional results, correct diagnosis is crucial. We work out tailor-made solutions regardless whether we are dealing with damp walls, water in the basement or poor air quality. Customers greatly appreciate this versatility.”

Murprotec provides solutions for all kinds of houses and appartments from private homes to historical monuments; the company has fundamental know-how, works with state-of-the-art technology such as air purifiers and puts great emphasis on research and quality control.

Customers such as private home owners, architects or real estate companies benefit from high quality services and direct contact – and often recommend the company further. “We sell directly to customers,” points out Mr. Laporte-Riou. “As there are no other distributors involved, customers benefit from attractive prices.”

Jean-Claude Laporte-Riou
One face to the customer is our guiding principle. Jean-Claude Laporte-RiouDirector

Murprotec has long become Europe’s number one in terms of anti-damp treatment. 65 years of experience, more than 9,000 projects completed each year and more than 400 professionals in Europe make the company stand out.

“We are a one-stop-shop for customers,” states Mr. Laporte-Riou. “We produce and sell directly and support customers from diagnosis to installation, production and after-sales. All of this has contributed to our reputation. Nevertheless, we put great emphasis on marketing to further enhance our popularity. We launch TV-spots, send mailings, we visit fairs and local events, are sponsors of a junior soccer team and consider a professional website to be vital.”

Providing outstanding products and services for the benefit of customers will always be Murprotec’s main challenge. Therefore, it constantly improves machines such as air purifiers. Besides, the company is going to strengthen its international presence and believes that Eastern Europe in particular offers great market potential.

“I have been working with Murprotec for 13 years now,” says Mr. Laporte- Riou. “The company is a great innovator and it is still exciting to see that we are constantly developing new solutions that improve people’s quality of life.” Muroprotec will be present at the BATIMAT, Paris/Villepinte, from 2 November to 8 November 2019.