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Musikkens Hus


Musikkens Hus was designed by renowned international architecture firm Coop Himmelb(l)au and strikes an imposing figure at its superb location on the Aalborg waterfront.

“The original idea to build a concert hall in Aalborg goes back to 1986,” says CEO Lasse Rich Henningsen. “However, getting the idea off the ground was a lot more complex than initially envisaged. In the end, significant support from the private sector was needed and it took some time to raise the 57 million DKK required from private sponsors.”

In 1999 the project received a welcome boost when the Royal Academy of Music Aalborg and the University of Aalborg’s music programme announced they would lend their support and base their permanent presence in the completed building.

In 2002, architect Coop Himmelb(l)au initially came on board with a design; however the final project was not decided upon until 2006. Construction on the cultural and architectural landmark started on 31 May 2010 and the building was officially opened on 29 March 2014.

Musikkens Hus is a vast temple to the musical arts. It has four concert halls with the largest seating up to 1,298 people. The building offers a total usable area of more than 20,000 m² divided over nine floors. Its location on the waterfront makes the outside space just as attractive.

There is also an à la carte restaurant, Musikkens Spisehus, with 170 seats, which is open all week so that not only concert-goers or event visitors can enjoy a high quality meal. The house has been designed as a multi-purpose venue bringing all sorts of people together to share a common interest in and love of music.

“We present both ambitious classical and various rhythmic concerts. This mixture is supplemented by our resident orchestra, the Aalborg Symphony, which offers its own fine programme,” says Mr. Henningsen. “Music is a unifying force and offers something for everyone even if that is just the acknowledgement of the skill required to master an instrument to a high standard.”

The programme of events features both Danish and international artists. The house is permanently on the lookout for new cooperations so that it can continue to offer its audiences a varied programme of high quality and new experiences. In order to reach as wide a public as possible, many of these concerts are also broadcast on television.

“For the longest time, Aalborg had no concert hall of its own,” says Mr. Henningsen. “Now we count the whole of northern Denmark as our audience. We have an extremely high attendance rate with 87% of the available tickets across all our events finding a buyer. Now that we have finally opened after such a long gestation period, we are keen to attract even bigger names to play here. For that we will continue to look for new sponsors to join the ranks of the 50 Danish companies that regularly sponsor our events. We want to put Aalborg on the map as the home of music.”

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