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Professional protection


When Dr. Stefania Navarra founded the company in 1993, a great deal of convincing needed to be done. Not everybody saw the potential of her idea to focus on the production of medical disposables, especially gloves.

“I simply knew that disposable gloves are essential to reduce the risk of contamination with blood and other bodily fluids as well as the risk of germ dissemination,” stresses Managing Director Dr. Navarra.

Today, more than 20 years later, Nacatur produces around one billion items per year. While most of them are sold in Italy, around 15% are sold abroad, especially in Spain, where the company has a subsidiary. Clients can rely on extraordinary product quality; production follows the strictests quality requirements, which even exceed some certifications.

Nacatur was among the first companies in Europe with certified disposable products. This quality consciousness has always been and will always be a trademark – Nacatur is synonymous with 100% quality made in Italy.

“We see increasing demand for our products,” says Dr. Navarra. “Customers not only appreciate the quality but also our huge product variety. We always try to find the best solutions for individual problems. This is why we offer different kinds of gloves, special ones for oncology purposes, for example. Furthermore, we organize training courses regarding the handling of our products but also in terms of norms and quality standards.”

Nacatur’s strategy reflects an enormous passion for the business – the perfect condition for further growth at home and abroad. “We will continue expanding,” states Dr. Navarra. “But smoothly, step by step. We know that people like working with us. This gives us optimism that we can handle the most challenging projects.”

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