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From mould design to production



Narzędziownia’s Owner and Managing Director Bogdan Pszenica worked in various companies for 20 years, acquiring a wealth of technological experience and knowledge.

“At a certain point, I wanted to start my own business,” he explains. “I then worked in employment in Germany for four more years to learn more about moulding and about how to run a business in a free market.”

Mr. Pszenica established Narzędziownia in 1997, starting out with straightforward projects for making moulds for zinc and plastics. The projects became bigger and more complex in the following years.

Today the company specializes in moulds for aluminium, magnesium and plastics. Narzędziownia also supplies round parts of moulds including cores, hollows, dowels and distributors, as well as advanced technology parts that require machining in five axes, and measurements with 2D and 3D coordination measuring machines.

The company also reconditions damaged and worn parts of casting tools. “We manufacture moulds up to 50 t for aluminium and up to 25 t for magnesium,” Mr. Pszenica adds. “We have 24 CNC machines and our own engineering office so that we can offer the complete range from mould design to production.”

The moulds are used for making furniture and train parts, for example, but the company’s main market is automotive. About 95% of its clients are in that industry, including Volkswagen and Toyota. Narzędziownia supplies the moulds for the production of gearboxes, structural components and the like.

“More and more car parts are cast nowadays,” says Mr. Pszenica. “This is a very good time for us, and the company is growing accordingly. We are planning to build a new 2,500 m2 hall this year.”

Narzędziownia invests in new technologies and innovative solutions, such as cores for moulds with internal cooling. Not much is spent on marketing. “We do not really need marketing because of our good reputation,” says Mr. Pszenica. “Our products sell themselves. Clients come to us because of the quality of our moulds.”

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