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The price is right


Navetti PricePoint™ is a unique pricing software solution that has been designed to allow companies with international sales operations to set locally-based pricing structures in place that take unique local factors into account to achieve the best possible price for their products or services.

“With Navetti PricePoint™, we are able to unlock the potential of the entire organization and analyze individual markets according to a variety of key parameters including customer-perceived value, customer expectations, and competition,” explains CEO Andreas Westling. “The software calculates a price that is compatible with both company growth targets and customer satisfaction.”

Where Navetti differs from competitors with similar products is in the expert consultancy that accompanies its pricing software.

“Navetti PricePoint™ is a highly recognized valuable tool, and with our consultancy expertise we fill it with customer specific intelligence and hand it over to the customer,” insists Mr. Westling. “Our Solution is offering an operational sustainable business for our clients; that generate increased EBIT, efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

Navetti’s customers are mostly multinational companies with activities covering a variety of different geographical markets. They often have broad product ranges, which further complicates their pricing policy.

“We always find overpriced and underpriced items. By utilizing our over 15 years of experience, implemented in Navetti PricePoint™, we are able to find the correct price per market and per customer at any given time,” says Mr. Westling. “Another problem that our software helps to resolve is a lack of consistency regarding pricing policies in the various national sales teams within a company.”

Navetti PricePoint™ is compatible with all major ERP platforms and is made up of flexible standard modular components which make it easy to configure according to client-specific business needs, as well as easy to integrate and maintain.

In recognition of the growing importance of cloud computing, Navetti also offers a SaaS version. “Our software has been proven to increase profit margins by at least 5% and sometimes as much as 15%, directly after implementation” says Mr. Westling. “Another important benefit is that value for money perception increases and therefore customer satisfaction.”

Having focused mainly on solutions for large companies, Navetti is now developing new models for smaller enterprises that will allow it to target a wider potential customer base.

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