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Software for fashion, interior and floor design


NedGraphics focuses on the three fields of Software for Fashion Design, Software for Interior Design and Software for Floor Design. “Our solutions are comprehensive and integrate designing, printing and weaving solutions,” says Ir. Pieter Aarts, CEO of NedSense and all subsidiaries.

“Our approach is unique as we integrate design and production. We offer a wide range of standard solutions which are used by OEMs, textile designers, textile retailers and manufacturers all over the world. Often, they even offer their clients our software. We install the software, train the employees, and provide support, new releases and other services.”

DesignCom is NedGraphic’s database solution for managing textile products in various collections. As the collections change quickly and have ever shorter life cycles, this is an important tool. “DesignCom is not a logistics or stock database,” points out the CEO. “It is used before the logistic process starts.”

Achieving around 90% of its annual turnover through export activities, NedGraphics sells almost half of its product to US clients, mainly the apparel and clothing industry. The remaining 50% go to clients in Europe, Asia and Australia. As iPad and Android solutions become more and more popular in the textile industry, NedGraphics has been developing new solutions for those devices recently.

“Our strategy has always been to follow and support the developments in the market,” says Mr. Aarts.

“We will continue to adapt our solutions to changing needs and demands, especially against the background of the growing importance of retailers and the shorter life cycles of textile collections. Geographically speaking, we will have an eye on the emerging markets in South America, Indonesia and China. Today, ordering abroad is easier. This changes the market, too, and as a software company, we are working at the heart of the market. We are determined to enhance our international presence, and we have to centre our efforts. Recently, we have decided to open our own local presence in Shanghai plus three agents in China. We are going to enter Brazil via agents. Challenges are always opportunities, too. We are the market leader in our field and draw on many years of experience in our industry. I believe these are excellent preconditions for facing new challenges.”

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