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We bring data together in an omnichannel environment


NetBooster Nordic, located in each of the Nordic capitals, is part of the market-leading NetBooster digital agency, which boasts more than 20 offices in Europe. It is above all the independence of the group and its ability to bring together all communication channels on behalf of its clients from various industries which has made NetBooster one of the top names in marketing.

“We have become the performance architect of our clients, using various media channels at their best, and present ourselves as media affiliates and display marketing, thus bringing together the best overall performance in cooperation with our clients,” points out Hans Jørgen Albertsen, Country Manager, NetBooster Nordic.

In the Nordic countries, typical clients are medium-sized to large companies, among them many international players. NetBooster is by far the largest independent agency in the media sector, monitoring or campaigning due to best performance.

“We choose the optimum solution for our customer to boost his performance,” adds Mr. Albertsen. “We collect data from various sources and media. It is our capability to crunch data in order to design concepts and advise companies. We are indeed very data-oriented.”

The media agency has attained a strong presence in search media, monitoring commercial ads, thus ensuring that only the most effective campaigns are implemented in the end.

“By bringing all parameters together, we define the objective, even on a daily basis if required, which differentiates us from  our competitors,” points out Mr. Albertsen. NetBooster is always on the lookout for new opportunities, “It is important to anticipate what is coming up on the mobile or TV side and in the traditional offline area, especially in fields like TV on demand. As we operate our own platforms, we are able to integrate consumer engagement marketing. We handle all information and bring data together in order to set up new marketing campaigns with our clients. Our aim is that they can experience in real time how their campaigns are performing. So we pinpoint the goals and KPIs we have defined with our clients from a marketing and media point of view.”

NetBooster is continuously seeking new ways to become better in performance marketing every day and through every channel. In its Danish office, it has a committed team of 46 people, plus another 36 staff members in the Nordic countries, to come up with first-class solutions on digital strat egies in its designated market.

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