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Clearly focused and perfectly adaptive


Netlution is a specialist provider of value-adding, adaptive IT services for enterprise customers. Based on in-depth analyses of its clients’ specific requirements, the company offers truly individual, perfectly scalable, value-adding IT solutions for large groups and major medium-sized enterprises. Netlution’s adaptive IT services cover the entire lifecycle of a project from design to plan, build and run.

The company was established in 2001. Since then, it has developed into one of the leading IT services, consulting and out-tasking solution providers in the Rhein-Main, Rhein-Neckar and Karlsruhe-Stuttgart regions.

The success of Netlution is based on a deliberate, threefold focus. “First, we specialize in data center and end-user computing solutions that are perfectly adapted to our customers’ individual IT requirements,” explains Managing Partner Peter Stedler. “Second, we focus on large enterprise customers with comparable IT infrastructures and processes. And third, we concentrate on the region to be as close to the customer as possible.”

Based in Mannheim, Netlution has annual sales of ten million EUR and employs 100 system engineers, IT consultants and project managers. In the last seven years, the company has doubled its staff.

“We are not focused on exorbitant growth or quick deals, though,” states Mr. Stedler. “We have a long-term orientation and aim to establish sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers.”

To guarantee optimum adaptability and implementation of its IT services, Netlution has developed a unique deployment approach: the rolling assignment system which includes dedicated consultant teams working full-time at the customer’s premises, with different consultants taking over in a seamless, rolling manner.

“We have cross-customer teams accompanying all processes at the customer’s location and providing swift, expert support, from first-time implementation to upgrading projects,” says Mr. Stedler. “The system even works for peak times or holidays when we can send out our consultants, who are perfectly familiar with the customer’s systems, at the shortest notice.”

Albert Schmuck, Director of Cloud Platform Operations SAP SE confirms: “Netlution’s scalable rolling assignment system offers us flexibility and stability at the same time.”

Another competitive strength of Netlution in the fast evolving IT sector is its permanent scrutiny of its services and solutions. “We are constantly challenging why a customer should place an order with us,” explains Mr. Stedler. “What are the latest developments, where are promising niches, what is our positioning in a constantly changing market, these are the questions we are permanently asking ourselves.”

To face the growing skills shortage in the IT industry, Netlution is promoting flat hierarchies, working with a high degree of personal responsibility and active contribution of fresh ideas.

“We are also investing in employer branding activities and social media human resources campaigns,” states Christian Böltz who works as an external marketing consultant for Netlution. “Our goal is to establish a strong reputation as a high quality IT services provider, both with potential customers and employees,” concludes Mr. Stedler.

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