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Creating special living spaces


2016 has been yet another year to celebrate: Nickl & Partner Architekten was named Best Architects 2017, repeating its success from the 2015 awards. In addition, the architecture firm was nominated for various awards and expanded its presence in Germany and beyond with a list of internationally renowned projects, all centered around the healthcare and science sectors.

It was in 1979 that architect Prof. Hans Nickl started the company, putting great emphasis on building projects for sick and disabled people. “Our focus is on people. We aim to create rooms for special living requirements. Despite the fact that hospitals and clinics have become subject to industrialization, it is our ambition to create human and pleasant environments, from reception areas up to hospital rooms,” points out Christian Maeder, who has been a Board Member since early 2016.

Himself an architect by profession, Mr. Maeder worked on international projects in Latin America and Europe before he became a member of the project management team, which took on the general planning for the European Central Bank building in Frankfurt and numerous international projects.

“I also worked as the owners’ representative, and thus I got to know the owners’ side of a building project,” says Mr. Maeder. “This is really an advantage for every architect, as it enables him to understand the situation of the customer. It is above all a high level of expense he focuses on, besides his vision of a new building.”

As customers appreciate a firm grip on costs, the architect, on the other hand, must accompany him from the first draft through to final implementation. Nickl & Partner is mostly involved in large-scale projects for hospitals, research facilities and public buildings, and this is why the overall vision of the future building always has to incorporate technical perfection and aesthetic values.

“We are a company that aims for human buildings for people to live in. This means that we have to design rooms and spaces that are not too industrial but rather pleasing, yet, we have to meet functional requirements that determine our design,” states Mr. Maeder.

Over the years, Nickl & Partner’s focus on hospital buildings has paid off, as the company has attained a high grade of specialization that can be used in future projects. “The health market has special requierements including special installations, concepts and buildings. Life here never stops but is moving 24 hours a day. We are familiar with public tenders in this sector and have mastered this business with confidence until today,” stresses Mr. Maeder.

For one of the company’s latest hospital projects, the Mother-Child and Surgical Center at Kaiser-Franz-Josef Spital in Vienna, Nickl & Partner has received the winner accolade in the Iconic Awards 2016.

The hospital combines excellent health features with outstanding architecture: The campus, which dates back to the 19th century, was restructured and prepared for future development. The architects of Nickl & Partner managed to create a new building that is closely linked to the existing ones and to the urban environment that embraces the site, making it part of the rest of the city.

“We know about our responsibility in creating pioneering spaces that live on in the future and in defining the way we experience architecture. We want to create different and better buildings for people within the scope of our capacities,” points out Mr. Maeder.

In the coming years, new work equipment and the cross-linking of global issues will define the work of the architect company. Nickl & Partner aims for strategic partnerships, developing into a one-stop architecture firm with an international presence in Germany, Switzerland, China and beyond. After all, architecture serves people and their needs all around the globe.

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