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From the entrance to the exit


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Based in Slovenj Gradec in northern Slovenia, NIEROS develops and manufactures high-quality, individually customized stainless steel products for wide-ranging industrial applications. The comprehensive product range covers four sectors: hygiene equipment, industrial washers, essential equipment and logistics solutions.

Hygiene equipment includes advanced, highly efficient solutions for ensuring perfect cleanliness and hygiene in industrial manufacturing, especially in food processing, such as hygiene stations, footwear, hand and equipment cleaning devices, boot dryers, changing room equipment and low-pressure cleaning systems.

The industrial washer portfolio comprises multipurpose washers, total industrial washing solutions, item-specific washers, specialized machines and sanitizers designed to deliver superior cleaning performance. The company’s essential equipment range includes a broad choice of desks and worktables, bins and containers, trolleys, railings, wall and corner impact protection devices, ham presses and other accessories.

The extensive stainless steel assortment is rounded off by state-of-the-art intralogistics solutions, ranging from transport systems, food processing lines, material handling equipment and warehouse systems to complete intralogistics and material handling solutions. “We can equip an industrial processing company from the entrance to the exit,” says Denise Kramljak, General Manager.

NIEROS has an exceptionally rich tradition. “Our company was founded in 1773 and has produced continuously since then, even through two world wars,” explains Ms. Kramljak. “That says a lot about the company and the people who have worked there over several generations.”

In the 18th century, the company manufactured scythes. It started making stainless steel products in 1964. Eight years later, it became part of the Slovenian Gorenje Group, one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances in Europe.

When a client wants something that doesn’t exist yet, we try everything to come up with a customized solution. Denise KramljakGeneral Manager

In 1990, the company was acquired by the German NIEROS Corporation. “When the company went bankrupt, the management decided to buy it,” states Ms. Kramljak. “We were the first Slovenian company to be bought back from German owners. Usually, it is the other way round.”

Today, NIEROS is a global player with its own subsidiary in Germany and sales representatives in more than 30 countries worldwide. “We have every continent covered, with the exception of Antarctica,” says Ms. Kramljak whose mother is the owner of NIEROS. “Before joining the company three years ago, I had worked for Gorenje. Working here is very different from working at Gorenje. We have very flat hierarchies and enjoy fast decision-making. If you want to change something, you just change it.”

NIEROS is particularly strong in designing individual solutions. “When a client wants something that doesn’t exist yet, we try everything to come up with a customized solution,” Ms. Kramljak describes the company’s philosophy. “We are in a niche market with special requirements. We don’t sell products but projects: tailor-made solutions instead of standard equipment.”