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They’ve got it covered


A garden swimming pool represents a significant investment, both in terms of the cost of installing the pool and the effort required to maintain it. It goes without saying therefore that extending the pool season to maximize its use must be a priority. One of the best ways to achieve this is to fit one of the attractive pool covers made by Nivovas.

The Hungarian manufacturer offers a range of different designs that meet the needs of the majority of pool owners. “The main benefit of a pool cover is that it extends the bathing season well into April and October,” enthuses Interpreter Krisztián Berger. “A cover also protects the water from dirt and leaves, reducing the burden on the filtration system.”

Nivovas pool covers are all made with solid polycarbonate glazing fitted into curved aluminium profiles. Each cover comprises several sections, which concertina beneath each other when the cover is not needed. The company offers twelve different pool cover types including two that can be fitted against an exterior wall.

“Our best-selling pool cover is the Thermo cover,” says Mr. Berger. “It is a low cover that fits in well with the landscape but still allows swimmers to enjoy the water without spoiling the view.” Nivovas pool covers offer an attractive enhancement to the outdoor pool. Another advantage of polycarbonate glazing is that it can be coloured in any RAL/NCS colour shade to provide a truly eye-catching feature.

Since the company was founded more than 15 years ago, it has grown continuously, reflecting strong growth in the pool market. It now employs a workforce of 100 people and enjoys strong export sales. Nivovas pool covers are distributed through a network of 100 resellers throughout Europe as well as directly through its own sales force.

Around three quarters of the pools sold are made-to-measure to the customer’s exact specifications. The remainder are sold in kit form that the customer assembles himself on-site. This method is particularly popular in the Swedish market where 95% of covers are sold for self-assembly.

Foreign sales now account for 90% of Nivovas’s annual turnover, and its sales territory reaches from Scandinavia to Africa. “We are the leading pool cover manufacturer in the European market and offer an excellent product for an outstanding price,” insists Mr. Berger. “As summers continue to get hotter, our business can only continue to heat up, too.”

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