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Designs for a colourful life


When Mr. Nola founded the company in the early 1960s, he initially focused on the development of playgrounds and aimed to implement innovative structures and materials.

“In the 1970s, Nola Industrier was acquired by a Swedish state-owned enterprise that focused on forest management,” explains Agneta Stake, CEO of Nola Industrier. “A few years later, in the 1980s, I was able to purchase the company together with a few colleagues of mine.”

The CEO quickly changed its entrepreneurial strategies and integrated design objects for urban spaces into Nola Industrier’s portfolio. “Another important focus was set on design effects,” states the CEO. “Our furniture and objects should not only be functional, but also stand out creatively.”

At the present time, Nola Industrier cooperates with several freelance designers, architects and artists, and was able to generate an annual turnover of 48 million SKR last year. “We do not produce our objects ourselves but engage suitable manufacturers for each project,” says Ms. Stake. “Our core competence is found in the development of urban furniture of various materials, including wood, concrete, steel and aluminium. Some examples are chairs, benches, bicycle stands or refuges. These can either be standard products from our catalogue, as well as be tailor-made objects according to the customer’s wishes.”

In 2012, Nola Industrier won a Swedish design award for its chair Kaskade, which provides both cushiness and functional design. “This combination turns us into an attractive partner for many target groups,” explains the CEO. “We often cooperate with local and federal authorities, construction companies and building promoters. Despite our typical Scandinavian design and local solidarity, we are also active on foreign markets, for example in Norway, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA and Australia.”

In the future, the company strives to expand its activities. “The Scandinavian market has not been affected by recent economic crises,” states Ms. Stake. “Therefore, we will be able to utilize our good position on the market and create new and innovative products. Our flexible structures and quick reaction times are significant advantages in comparison with our competitors. We see a lot of potential in the field of objects for bicycles: Here, there are large demands, and many new projects will be realized in the time to come.”

Visit Nola Industrier's showroom at 211 20 Malmö, Skeppsbron 3, Phone +46 40 171190, Fax +46 40 127545.

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