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Providing chemical free cleaning and personal care


Norwex, founded in 1994, has had a health focused outlook from its inception. The company was born after the founder, Bjørn Nicolaisen, was introduced to a miraculous cloth that could effectively clean a very dirty windscreen simply with the use of microfiber and water.

At the time, this was a cutting-edge approach to cleaning that focused on reducing the use of chemicals in the cleaning process. “The Norwegian population really took to the idea and the company soon established its own support network for its consultants that were out traveling around the country,” says Eivind Schackt, Global CEO of Norwex.

In 1995, the business started offering the option to host parties at a consumer’s home so the potential customer and their friends could see the microfiber cloths in action. This helped make Norwex in Norway into a household name, that is synonomous with chemical free cleaning.

“In 1999, we started our expansion process,” adds Mr. Schackt. “We opened up our branch in Canada and have been growing ever since.” Norwex now has a presence on four continents in eleven countries.

In 2015 alone, the company started subsidiaries in Germany, New Zealand and Ireland. This expansion is clearly impessive, but is made even more so by the fact that Norwex mainly operates on a Business to Consumer (BtoC) model. Most of its sales come from home parties and presentations put on by independent sales representatives.

“What I think is really fantastic is that the company employees and the independent representatives really do embrace and believe in the company mission,” adds Mr. Schackt. “They want to have a positive effect on the environment and on a person’s quality of life by helping to sell products that are safe to touch and to have around children and pets.”

This ideology gives Norwex a strong culture and an even stronger mission platform to operate from. It becomes clear that communities around the world really do support the company’s overarching mission of ‘Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes’, since Norwex employs about 400 full time employees and operates a network of 90,000 sales consultants in the field.

The company remains popular with the independent sales representatives not only because of its mission, but because it offers them sales training. This training aids each consultant in effectively growing their own business.

Norwex also provides the reps with marketing materials, back office facilities and a host of online tools. “The success of our sales representatives also means success for the company as a whole,” says Mr. Schackt. “Norwex will always do its best to provide as much support as possible to all of our people in the field.”

This mindset is what continues to endear the company to its clientele and also to its independent sales representatives. More people continue to join the Norwex family year after year. In order to keep reaching new customers and attracting new consultants, the business gives each person a starter kit that contains brochures and success builder instructions.

Consultants can also choose to become a Consultant Leader. This gives them the ability to become a small business owner and manage their own group of locally based employees.

“Norwex is all about offering upward mobility and encouragement to all of its employees and independent representativess,” adds Mr. Schackt. This support network is also what allows the company to effectively sell and showcase its various products.

The products fall into two main category groups: ‘Products for Your Home’ and ‘Norwex for Yourself’. The home products are then broken down into five subcategories: microfiber cloths, floor care systems, bathroom care, laundry care and kitchen essentials. The self products are also broken down into three subcategories: naturally timeless skin care, personal care products and just for kids.

Some of the home care products the company offers are its signature microfiber cleaning cloths that can be used for cleaning up just about anything. Other popular products in the home care category include: dusting mitts, a cleaning and polishing paste, mops, bathroom cleaners, fluff and tumble dryer balls, detergents, dishwashing liquids and many more.

Some of the popular products featured in the self care category include: bath towels, shower gels, lotions, face moisturizers and many other impressive items. Besides keeping its products free of harmful chemicals that consumers could breathe in, Norwex also concentrates on keeping its products free chemicals that are harmful to touch. For example, the company is always looking for ways to reduce the amount of plastic present in all of its product lines.

“We are always thinking about how our products impact not only the user, but how they impact the environment on a much larger scale,” explains Mr. Schackt.

In order to make its products safer for the environment, Norwex uses silicon lids, offers alternatives to plastic film, sells and supports the use of refillable water bottles and participates in other conservation efforts.

“We only get this one beautiful planet,” says Mr. Schackt “We all need to do our part to keep it as healthy and functional as possible for ourselves and for generations to come.”

For the future, Norwex plans to expand into even more countries, spreading its chemical free, environmentally friendly message. The company will also continue to release innovative products and provide support to all personnel.

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