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From reliable production services to innovative R&D partner


Novatech Industries has more than 30 years of experience offering electronic manufacturing services. The company has developed and adapted its services according to the needs of the market and its customers.

Since 2015, the French contract manufacturer has been focusing on expanding its technical expertise and capacities. “Both large customers as well as start-up companies need a reactive and flexible partner with the technical competence to be able to support them in the development of their electronic products,” says CEO Jocelyne Madec, who has been driving the company’s strategic realignment since 2015. “We want to be regarded as an R&D partner. We now have our own technical department and will further invest in R&D facilities and personnel to be able to fulfil the requirements of our customers.”

Novatech Industries is part of the Novatech Group, of which Novatech Technologies is also a member. The group has three production sites and employs a total of 350 people, realizing annual revenues of 45 million EUR.

The group is active in the aeronautical and defence, telecommunication and networks, oil and gas, railway, and medical devices sectors as well as power, geolocalization and household goods. The company works for customers all over Europe and, through them, the products and boards made by Novatech are exported worldwide. In recent years, the company has worked on expanding its technical expertise and capacities.

Today, Novatech Industries has development skills in the areas of mechanics, electronic boards, IT rack integration and test benches, both for industrial production as well as sensitive environments.

“We have reacted to the demands of our customers and invested in an engineering office to support them in the development of their electronic products,” explains Ms. Madec. “From the idea, project launch and specification to the delivery of the product, we are able to offer individual solutions. We plan to increase our engineering capacities even further, becoming a professional co-engineering partner.”

Start-up firms in particular have a requirement for professionally produced products. They often have a product or a product idea, but they lack the knowledge and expertise in the areas of production technologies and industrial processes to be able to bring their designs to maturity.

“Those start-ups need partners like us, who are not only experts in production, but also offer a broad range of additional services in the areas of logistics, purchase and technology, among others,” states the CEO.

Large companies have also developed and further concentrated on their core business while relying on professional partners with an industrial workshop. “We can help them from the development of products to the distribution and after sales,” points out Ms. Madec. “In the design and industrialization phase, we can consider the problems and restrictions in the manufacturing processes. This way, our clients can save the cost of subsequent corrections.”

Novatech Industries is not only a reliable partner for its customers, but has also become involved in social processes. As Presidente de L’Union de la Metallurgie Jocelyne Madec supports projects to minimize the shortage of specialists in France.

“We are confronted with these topics on a daily basis and it is important to engage ourselves in social processes to be able to find solutions for the future,” says Ms. Madec. “We need to do something, because it has an influence on the development of our company. We are an electronic manufacturing service provider with competitive prices and international solutions and will do everything necessary to be able to continue fulfilling the demands of our clients.”

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