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Tire solutions that never tire


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“Our first big break was with Pirelli. We engineered, manufactured and installed their upstream systems for their rubber mixing,” explains Dr. Viganò. The relationship has since blossomed, and this year Nuova CIBA received PIRELLI’s SUPPLIER AWARD in the categories of Quality and Service Level. The company has also developed long lasting alliances with tire giants like Bridgestone, Michelin and others on a worldwide basis.

“We’ve been in the market for 60 years, have always been very flexible and lean, and attract our customers with our very good price-performance ratio.” This ensures a high degree of customer loyalty and some of Nuova Ciba’s customers have worked with them for 30 years and more.

Its name has become synonymous with reliability in the rubber industry, due not only to the provision of production lines and respective machinery, but also to ongoing service and maintenance. “If any of our Customers experiences problems, we are ready to jump in, 365 days a year,” asserts Dr. Viganò.

Although he had been cooperating with Nuova CIBA in many occasions in the past, Dr. Viganò is quite new in the ranks of the organization. Last year, owners Egisto Giuliani and Corrado Alessandri sold the company of 45 employees to the German ZEPPELIN Group in a strategic move, guaranteeing further long-term growth prospects and permanence of its headquarters in Reggio Emilia.

After the acquisition, Dr. Eng. Viganò was appointed, bringing a wealth of industry experience, diverse qualifications and a fresh perspective to the company through his managerial approach. Unlike other companies operating under the ZEPPELIN Group, Nuova CIBA are keeping their original company brand-name which is tied to their upstanding reputation and to maintaining its proven track record.

Annual turnover is currently around twelve million EUR, contributing to the colossal 2.7 billion EUR collectively generated by the ZEPPELIN Group.

Teamwork is essential for development, from production workers to large Customer groups. Dr. Eng. Cesare ViganòSales Director
Dr. Eng. Cesare Viganò, Sales Director of Nuova CIBA S.p.A.

“We now have a very solid group behind us; a real strong backbone,” affirms Dr. Viganò, “and for ZEPPELIN, they now have a company on board that not only supplies the major tire manufacturers but also delivers affordable solutions to small and medium sized enterprises.”

80% to 90% of Nuova Ciba’s operations are carried out internationally. It has installed plants for customers all over Europe and also in South Africa, Sri Lanka, South America and Russia. “In the past, we were always approached by customers and so we never put much focus on attracting them ourselves.”

With ZEPPELIN now behind the company and with Dr. Viganò leading the way, Nuova Ciba is exploring new means of penetrating further markets for increasing its presence in the international arena. “Our acquisition by ZEPPELIN has given us a footing in the German market,” states Dr. Viganò. The company will now be participating at international trade fairs, beginning in Germany with this year’s Tire Technology Expo in Hannover and the K-Trade Fair in Dusseldorf.

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