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Italy’s best bites


“Our products meet the real needs of a dog, both while resting and during exercise,” explains Technical Manager Claudio Almici. “Our basic ingredients are meat, maize and lard. As a matter of principle we only buy the best raw materials available – even in times of crisis. We do not use derivatives of maize or meat but real meat and maize. We have always been extremely careful about quality and it is compulsory for us to inspect all raw materials when they come in and go out. Maize for instance arrives in grain form and we mill it ourselves. Every machine is adapted according to special demands. Quality and the testing of raw materials are key to our success.”

Nuova Fattoria was founded in 1988 by Claudio Almici. Back then, the company started selling croquettes under its own brand. In 1993, Nuova Fattoria shifted its focus and became a producer. From that moment on, the family company never stopped growing.

“We started with a production capacity of ten bags per day,” says Mr. Almici. “Now, thanks to the latest technology and a high degree of automation we produce 40 tons of finished products per day. It is extremely satisfying to see how the company has developed over the years; not only in terms of products but also on a technological level.”

Not only increasing production volumes but also new products and markets illustrate Nuova Fattoria’s dynamic progress. In 1997, the company began selling its dog food abroad and added cat food to its portfolio.

Today, Nuova Fattoria has twelve employees and a turnover of eight million EUR with an export share of 45%. Switzerland, Greece, Spain, France, Germany, Austria and even Hong Kong, which receives a container every four months, are core markets. All products have the certification ‘made in Italy’.

“Our main product is the Supreme line for dogs,” states Mr. Almici. “We have Supreme plus for dogs that are physically very active, Supreme light for not so active dogs, Supreme puppy for the special needs of puppies and Supreme adult for adult dogs with normal activity levels which is our most popular product. All extruded products have an assimilation of 85% of the end product.”

As Nuova Fattoria is interested in longterm partnerships with its clients, a 5kg pallet of food is given as a present to clients that have been invited to visit the company. This way, due to an unrivalled product quality, a visitor quickly becomes a client.

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