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All services under one roof


“We started as a one-man show and have turned into a pan-European company that employs a workforce of more than 270 people at eleven locations in Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. This expansion will not be the end yet,” says Marketing Manager Andreas Krug, who has been with Nutz for a year now. “We are indeed one of the success stories that start on a small scale and grow continuously.”

Nutz was founded by the electrician Manfred Nutz, who at first focused on electrical installations and alarm systems. Gradually, the company’s activities expanded, and today Nutz is among the leading names in its field.

“We have become a top player, offering comprehensive services under one roof,” points out Mr. Krug. “Due to our size and capacities, we are able to take on large-scale projects, a fact that makes us unique in the market. We have hardly any competitors. Most other companies concentrate on only one segment while we offer a full scope of products and services with regard to building technology.”

The company is managed by its Founder Manfred Nutz and Christian Gruber, who started his training with Nutz in the early corporate days. “We generated turnover of 27 million EUR in 2014, and figures for last year and this year are equally positive. We have experienced a strong upsurge recently,” adds Mr. Krug.

Nutz is headquartered in Aschau, but it will move to new headquarters in nearby Ampfing with a direct link to the A94 motorway to Munich. Currently, Nutz operates eleven locations in Germany, the Czech Republic and in Switzerland.

Its subsidiary Nutz Nord is located in Hamburg, being the second-largest site within the company. Electrical installations, data technology and security systems as well as maintenances and services for its key segments – this is the world Nutz knows inside out and in which it acts with sure confidence.

“The requirements in all three fields have grown over the years. We have at hand specialists who know how to handle electrical installations of any kind, who are familiar with data technology and implement complex security systems,” states Mr. Krug.

Data technology includes passive network technology, communication systems and media technology, while security systems feature security technology and systems. “We plan and install complex surveillance and access control systems, among other systems,” says Mr. Krug. “Our certified and high-quality systems address a special group of customers. For instance, we lead the way with security systems from the British Honeywell brand in Germany. This brand has become increasingly popular with US companies operating subsidiaries in Germany. Their employees can use the same access control cards in Germany and in the USA, which is really convenient and cost-efficient.”

No doubt, Nutz is able to realize small installations for private customers, but its focus is clearly on large projects that require pure manpower and expertise. Due to its network of sites in Germany, Nutz’s personnel can react to customer requests at short notice.

Nutz is always nearby and competent in all issues related to electrical installations, data technology and security systems. Often implementation is not enough, but the customer expects a full service, ranging from the initial planning and calculation of a project up to installation and maintenance.

In the past years, Nutz’s maintenance and series activities have been strengthened, as more and more customers wish Nutz to take over maintenance after it has completed the installation of their project.

“We see it as a fundamental requirement that the customer wants us to follow up our work once the actual work has been completed,” says Mr. Krug. “We pride ourselves on uniting all services under one roof, and this definitely includes maintenance and comprehensive customer service.”

According to their needs, customers can opt for periodic maintenance contracts conform with VdS standards. They can call the service hotline that provides direct support in all product-related emergencies. Nutz’s service team is quickly available to carry out urgent service tasks.

Nutz’s success in the market has been supported by its employees. They are continuously trained and qualified to keep up with changing technologies and work requirements.

Another focus is on the support of social projects and sports sponsorship, in particular motorsports events. The coming years will see a move to modern headquarters and an expansion of Nutz’s activities. With Germany being Nutz’s core focus, expansion beyond the borders will be targeted. Its Swiss subsidiary has only just started to operate in full swing.

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