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Knitting the renewable energy web


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“Our core business is to help producers of renewable energy to valorize their assets and find opportunities to create value in different segments of different markets,” observes Alessandro Faccoli, the founder of Nvalue AG, who is currently its Trading Director and responsible for portfolio management. “We provide origination services, portfolio management and consultancy, and help to accelerate developments in sustainability.”

The company offers electricity generated by hydropower, wind, photovoltaic plants and biomass installations, with all the appropriate Guarantees of Origin. It is headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland, near Zürich.

All back office and operational activities are performed by a team of professionals located in Varna, Bulgaria, and there are subsidiaries in Lugano, Sofia and in Amsterdam. Nvalue has 25 employees and realizes a turnover of over 50 million EUR.

“Nvalue was founded in 2008 to support European municipalities that wanted to enter the market of renewable energy and make a contribution to fighting climate change,” says Dr. Fabio Mancin, who joined the company in May 2019 as its CEO. “We offer trading services and strategic consultancy, and provide renewable energy through a broad range of certificates.”

In a very young market, into which new energy producing players entered and every European country introduced new instruments and regulations, Nvalue’s consultancy continues to prove a helpful guide for its many clients across Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK and the Scandinavian countries.

With its expertise and portfolio of certificates (e.g Verified Emission Reduction certificates), Nvalue supports its clients in achieving their voluntary or mandatory targets in the emission reductions and helps companies develop projects across various sectors. “Many of our clients seek our expertise because the various legal requirements in each country are different,” Dr. Mancin notes. “We always take into account legal as well as ethical aspects and, depending on the responsibilities of a company, we also consider marketing. All in all, we provide a customized offer to our clients.”

Asked which elements contribute to the success of Nvalue, Dr. Mancin refers to the company’s European presence, which allows them to offer a wide range of products. Another essential element is Nvalue’s young and enthusiastic team, which closely cooperates with clients. “It is such a dynamic market and we owe a lot to the entrepreneurship of each of our commercial staff members,” adds Mr. Faccoli. “The teamwork we organize with and on behalf of our clients is superbly supported by our back office, which enables us to provide the best solutions for each client in each market.”

From the beginning, Mr. Faccoli was motivated to set up Nvalue by looking at what the world is aiming to do to tackle climate change. “It is a job of research and study, and thanks to our analyses we enable our clients to reach their sustainability goals,” he enthuses. “We are happy to reach out to clients in the corporate, industrial and public sector and let them know that they have a reliable partner at their disposal who pays close attention to legislative developments across countries. What we are doing may still be considered a niche market, but that will definitely change.”

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